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  • Member: Lunch_Meat
  • Studio: Studio-Pink
  • Title: Open the Gate
  • Premiered: 2004-02-04
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  • Song:
    • No Doubt Open the Gate
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  • Comments: This is the fifth full video I've made. Open the Gate took off really well when I started it last summer, however I got stuck at the instrumental section and then had to deal with a very crazy semester of school so I didn't work on it for about three months. Before putting it on hold I had tweaked the first half a lot so it didn't change much even as I began to finalize the video. After I finally got through the instrumental section and worked my way through the end I noticed a different feel for the ending. Obvioulsy because of the huge gap between time working on it. After trying to work things out I decided to do one last overhaul and finalize the project. Probably not my favorite video I've done, but I'm happy with what came of it. Hope you enjoy...

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