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  • Member: superdan000
  • Title: The Shotgun Message of Amano Ginji
  • Premiered: 2004-02-05
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  • Song:
    • Norma Jean The Shotgun Message
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  • Comments: I haven't made a video in a while but i've wanted to use this song for a long time. I finally saw get backers a little while ago and i decided i was ready to make another amv.

    I spent a good amount of time on this video and i think it far exceeds my previous videos. I spent basically three whole days collecting and editing it. The song is really fast so i tried to keep up with the cuts and use some light or white colored effects for the dissenence guitar parts. (the really high pitched guitar distortion thing)

    The song is hardcore but even if you don't like hardcore i would appreciate it if you took a look ^_^

    I also picked one of norma jean's shorter songs because i get tired of making long amv's and ususally the last half of my videos just gets lazy, but i left no room for error here =D

    At first i wanted to make a video with all action scenes from the series but eventually i just narrowed it down to ginji vs makubex. I didnt exactly show the ending of this "saga" if you've seen the series you'll know what i mean.

    anyways check it out! tell me what you did or didnt like about it! thx for you time =]

    p.s. the beginning "metal rules" clip is just random but so so hilarious i had to put it in there hehe

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