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  • Member: Devolution
  • Studio: Existentialism
  • Title: IronChef Practice: Devolution vs DOKool
  • Premiered: 2004-01-11
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Wiseguys Start the Commotion
  • Anime:
  • Comments: 2 hours work :D doesn't look to shabby to me.

    after a short delay, AtomX sent DOKool and i the song(i almost died when he sent it...i had no ideas whatsoever for the video), and we got to work. after probably 10minutes of staring at the timeline, i just started laying clips, flashes and black&white filters down hoping i could mold together something that looked at least show i tried. all through the contest, my confidence stayed at it's regular low(i almost forfeit the match 20mins before it ended), and when i submitted what i had finished, i felt for sure that i was going to lose. oO and i didn't. sure screwed with my head......

    but seriously, DOKool did a great job on his video(some timing issues and stuff that i like to nitpick about ^^;; but other than that it was quite well done. afterwards, he and a couple others (ladyDX, Feiticiera, Cyber-Freak, and a couple other people i sent the video to) told me i should put a few more hours into this and finish it(and i may still do that), but there's just too much on my plate right now for me to do that(new job, moving, Children Project, anniversary of my 2nd year in AMVs, stuff like that) so this is what you get for now. so enjoy it ^^

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