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  • Member: Kurai Seraphim
  • Studio: Kurai Seraphim Productions
  • Title: Destined to Slay Thine Own Creator
  • Premiered: 2001-06-25
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    • Yasunori Mitsuda Time's Scar (Chrono Cross Intro Theme)
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  • Comments: I made this video on a whim. mIRC people were complaining about how much Xenogears was a rip-off of Evangelion. Well, its not really anything like Eva. Then someone told me about the music video of Xenogears done to Cruel Angel's Thesis (done by Dragonmaster Lou of Teal Studios) and used that as proof. Being the stubborn person that I am (afterall, Hell hath no fury like a spited Xenogears fan), I took this as a challenge. I claimed that I could take the opening of a completely unrelated series or videogame and use Xenogears footage to make it look like a ripoff. So I then grabbed my PSX CDs, extracted the video files with PsxMC228T, and went about looking for a potential song. Coincidentally, I noticed Chrono Cross sitting next to Xenogears when I had grabbed the game. Chrono Cross didn't have anything to do with Xenogears other than being made by Squaresoft and sharing the PSX console. I then grabbed the opening movie's audio track (The Scars of Time) and plugged it, with the videos, into Adobe Premiere 6.

    Having played Xenogears many times, I thought I had more footage to work with. As it turns out, nearly all of the major events in Xenogears weren't done with Full Motion Video (which is a good thing, as it extended the gameplay and overall length of the game immensly). Still, I worked with it, as the song was only 2 and a half minutes long anyway.

    The major challenge of the video was without a doubt the opening of the song, durring which in the game there was a still screen of a book and text on the screen. There wasn't much to the music here, as it was composed to be nice, relaxing background music to read text to. Xenogears had no such text to read (other than a few seconds of You will become as Gods and Bibical quotes). So instead I used the theme of the PSX opening (nostalgic reflection to the first game Chrono Trigger) to one of Fei's flashbacks. Unfortunently, I don't really like the way I transitioned this scene into the rest of the video. It was too sudden, as I hadn't learned how to fade video at the time. One of these days I'm going to go back and fix that, if I ever feel like copying the footage from the game again.

    Anyway, I think the rest of the video went rather well. Videogame action footage tends to be generic, which is too bad. The transitions still need work, because I again have to state that I didn't know how to fade between scenes. This will also be remedied if I ever patch the video.

    Seeing as the majority of the scenes used were only a few seconds long, I wouldn't say its really full of spoilers. I actually tried to avoid them, but the fact remains that you'll see a few things from later parts of the game that you might not directly understand but still consider spoilers.

    I made this all in one day and have to say that I'm for the most part satisfied with it. I'll come back and fix the transitions in it sometime. And I won my arguement.

    VIDEOS ARE DOWN UNTIL JANUARY 7th, as I'm on Christmas break and lack my university connection!

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