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  • Member: ngsilver
  • Studio: N. G. Silver & Friends Productions
  • Title: She Has The Touch
  • Premiered: 2004-04-13
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    • Peter Gabriel I Have The Touch
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  • Comments: Well, it competed at ACEN. It didn't win anything, but when half of the videos that were sent in got cut I should be happy that it WAS in the contest at all. That says something, what I don't know, but it says something. I'm glad. Congrats to those who won, your videos were really cool!

    Anyway, the idea for this video came to me a few weeks ago while I was watching Phenominon on one of the Encore channels. The song "I Have The Touch" by Peter Gabriel played during the movie (something I never noticed before when watching it, even though I own the soundtrack) and the idea for this video hit me, SMACK on the forehead (actually, that was the katana hanging on the wall that hit me when it fell, but same difference). As the song played and I watched the images on the screen I was like, "That would make a GREAT AMV!!". So I like made a mental note and watched the rest of the show. When it was done I ran to my room at scanned over my DVD collection until I came up upon the 3 Armitage boxes. All of a sudden images flashed in my mind and I knew that was the anime that I was going to use. However, before I could even think of capturing the video I needed to burn off a lot of anime, which is why it took a few weeks before I was able to actually begin work on this video. (however now I have a brand new 120 GIG 2nd hard drive so I don't even have to worry about that now)

    This video utalizes a new form of video capture then the others I have made did. Rather then capturing straight into VCD quality (about all I could afford of disk space) I captured it into the highest bitrate DVD quality, then converted the MPEG2 into a high bitrate MPEG1 so Premiere could work with the video. This has made the quality of the video a WHOLE lot better then my last 3 REAL AMVs.

    I've started to figure out a lot more about how to make different types of digital effects in premier using different transparency types and other items that I never touched before. This has made a big difference in the way I am going about working on the AMV. However, I am trying not to use too much digital effects as that can detract from the overal experience of this AMV.

    Lip Sync.... what more can I say. I really didn't even think about trying any of it in this video until I put a clip into a spot and realized it was only 1/2 second off from lineing up perfectly with the words being sung. So I was like... well.... why not? Hence the first lip sync attempt I have ever made was a fluke... and the first occurance of the effect in this video. There are others... like the one where she says, "hello, how do you do." that took me an hour to get right. But that just makes this video a bit cooler because it's suppose to be Armitage singing it anyway! This isn't a lipsync video, so I don't want to put a lot in, but there are places where it really adds to the overall effect of the video.

    This is a much more editing intensive video then I had worked on previously. I am even getting so deep into it that I am lineing up frames to be in exact places in accordance with the audio. So far from what I have done this has made the video look much more polished and professional then my previous videos. There isn't a single time in this video where I pick a random scene and toss it into a spot and hope it works. Each scene in the video has been tested and picked as the best to fit out of many other clips I was working with. I've even gone back and changed a clip I had placed after finding another one I had looked over. As such, this is the most editing intensive video I have done so far. It's clocking in at WAY more editing time then any of the other videos I have worked on. And OH BOY am I having fun doing it! (I don't think I'll spend as long getting it out as the Iria video, I kind of forgot about it over 3 months!)

    The idea of this video is a really simple one. Armitage has the touch. Everyone who has seen any of the Armitage anime(s) can tell. It's her telepresense. The way she can control other electronic devices. But she's lonely. Unable to really get to know anyone because of who she is. She wants contact. Specifically, she wants to be with Ross. But the road to do that is a long and hard one. She has to fight many assasinroids and the military in order to finally be at peace. This all fits right into the lyrics of the song. However weird the song may be.

    I just hope you all enjoy this video as much as I have enjoyed working on it!

    Watch for the video at ACEN 2004!!!

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