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  • Member: Pwolf
  • Studio: Pwolf's Anime Music Video's
  • Title: Du Hast 2.0
  • Premiered: 2004-01-31
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  • Song:
    • Rammstein Du Hast
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  • Comments: This video may not seem to be much to anyone who veiws it. This video is a remake of a video i did in April of 2001. Thie first video was the first video, i think, that made me popular. Soon after releasing it, i was getting e-mails from people, mainly for my intro, but they also loved the video itself. I always wanted to remake it for several reasons. First being, it was my first "great" video you could say. Second, I just wanted something in higher quality. The original Du Hast video was made in about 6 hours. This wasn't uncommon for me at the time, but making something that so many people enjoyed in so little time was pretty awesome to me at the time. This remake took me about 2 weeks and probably around 15 hours editing time. for a remake, that seems sufficient.
    I don't expect anyone to like this video. it's something i wanted to do for myself and well, that's how it should be, i needed to be reminded of that. while working on this, i thought a lot about how i started making amvs, so i made this video to more or less celebrate my 4th year of amv editing. Several things this video means to me would be, well, the 4th annaversary of editing, my dedication to my first "great" video, and also to the people who helped me. First starting out, you don't know what to do or where to go. I made my first video in january 2000, so while making this video, i thouhgt about that a lot. The titles in the intro are the videos i felt really helped me become a better creator. I was thinking of adding a "Thank You" portion a the end, but i have a better idea for a later video :P Several people and groups, i feel, really deserve credit for what i've become, cuase with out them, i wouldn't be the Pwolf you all know and love (or hate... which ever :P). Just to name a few:

    Jesmaster - the first amvs i saw came from him and i hanged out at his website a lot and helped him with some hosting... even tho it casue me to loose my hosting >.<

    Imperial Sapphire - thout these guys, i would never be here. These guys offered free webhosting at a time when i was really new and needed to be seen. The orignal Du Hast mentions them and i thank them a lot for what they did. Unfortionatly, they were unable to handle the bandwidth loads and shut down.

    My friends - without this group of nerds, i wouldn't have the ecouragment and constant nagging to finish any videos. My brother is always asking when i'm going to finish what video. They are also the best and worst critics. Without them, it would be hard to improve my skills. thanks a lot

    The guys (and gals) in the chatroom - when i first came, i was a newb and well new to the amv comunity also. They welcomed me with open arms, and a few fistings, but lets not get into that >.> I was, and still am, a shy person but going to that chat room helped me breakout of my introvert shell and become more open. Those were fun times. The people of the amv community are awesome. when i won best action at AX03, they congratualted me and reasured me that it wasn't just luck that made me win. thanks :)

    The fans - yes the fans, the people who constantly e-mail me and message me asking about my intro song :P Without them there was no drive to make more videos. without their support, i couldn't be making videos. I once mentioned that i was going to quit, but soon after i got e-mails from the lurkers of my website, expessing their foundess of my videos. brang a tear to my eye... no wait it was just water >.> so thanks to you all!

    There are others out there. and you are not forgoten, Thanks! :O

    Tech stuff:

    Like i said earlier it took me about 15 hours or more to edit this. Most of the scenes are the same but some of them i had to take out to reduce reusing scenes. this became a problem later on while i was running lower and lower on usable footage. so i cut some corners >.> you'll see them most likely. This isn't a problem tho. I never expect anyone to like this video more or less then the first. To me it looks great, and that's what counts. You'll also noticed i used a lot of fades and i also timed some of the action inside the footage to the music. the first video had some of this and i though it was cool so i tried a little more where i could.

    Sorry for the large file size. This is a 2 pass Xvid encode and yet it is still pretty big/ several reasons, there is a lot of action and the footage is very detailed. again, sorry for such a high filesize.

    Enough of my rambling... go see it :P

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