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  • Member: Kurayami-san
  • Title: Subaru & Seishirou: Disillusioned
  • Premiered: 2004-01-31
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    • Linkin Park Breaking the Habit
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  • Comments: The beginning of this AMV was just pain...

    Although I had not made any AMVs for a long time, this video was a spontaneous idea.
    But then there were mistakes, mistakes, mistakes... Premiere didnīt accept the .avi-format the X-episodes had and I encoded them several times. Once, I forgot the compressors and suddenly the encoded file got bigger and bigger... until it took 16GB and my computer went crazy ^^īī. (While this was happing, I talked to someone on the phone. I didnīt expect such a big file when I came back to my computer... ^^īī)

    Afterwards Subaru killed me mentally. I donīt want to spoil... So... People who know X, should know which scene I am speaking of, when I tell you that itīs the 'sadest scene' between Subaru and Sei-san. Y'know what I mean, donīt you? ^^ Anyway... Premiere always crashed when it came to this scene. Because of this I had to watch the scene a 2nd time... and a 3rd time... I didnīt count it, but I was about to cry...
    Especially when I used Photoshop in order to edit the subtitles and get them out of this 'sad scene'. I made a mistakes and edited the same frame several times instead of editing all of the frames. Hell, when I recognized that I was close to madness -.- Subaru looked so sad on this damn frame... Can you imagine what it feels like to look into his sad, sad eyes for 2 hours?

    But after this difficult start, I enjoyed every single second of 'disillusioned' ^^. I love Subaru and Seishirou - it was great to work with them. Now, since the video is finished I really miss them... ^^

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