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  • Member: E-Ko
  • Studio: Manic Expressions
  • Title: Reggae Megane
  • Premiered: 2001-09-21
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  • Song:
    • RICE. C. Feat. jam master '73 Jam Jam Reggae - AMD Swing Mix (from Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix OST, Nonstop Megamix)
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  • Comments: This video was featured in the Dance Dance Revolution Nonstop Megamix Music Video Project which premiered at Anime Weekend Atlanta 7.

    This was an almost-but-not-quite last-minute contribution. As such, I tried to save time by using a capture now, think later, plug-and-chug editing method. In other words, I captured stuff I liked without any thought as to where it would fit into the video. I was hoping that some sort of plan would materialize as I captured footage. Unfortunately, I never came up with a plan. As such, the video is an assortment of random Uresei Yatsura characters doing random stuff. The video has little structure and no progression.

    I didn't understand the lyrics. It seemed like a fun, wacky song so I used fun, wacky footage.

    To give the video a unique look, I tried to avoid using main characters (especially Lum, Ten, Ataru, and Mendou). I was hoping to rely mostly on Ran, Sakura, Onsen-Mark, Mr. and Mrs. Moroboshi, Cherry, and the penguins ('cause I like the penguins). I ended up using quite a bit of Ataru footage because it worked well with the look of video. Conversly, I didn't use much (if any) Mr. and Mrs. Moroboshi footage - they didn't work well with the video. Occassionaly, Lum sneaks into the background. A costumed Mendou also appears.

    "Reggae Ataru" would be a more descriptive title. I went with "Reggae Megane" because it has a nicer ring to it. Not the most intellectually stimulating title. Then again, this isn't an intellectually stimulating video.

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