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  • Member: DrngdKreationz
  • Studio: DrngD KreationZ
  • Title: No real title
  • Premiered: 2003-06-22
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    • Evenescene Bring Me To Life
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  • Comments: Well, This is the third and last video I've been able to complete and finishing this one was pretty much a forced effort. This is also my first encounter with after effects and frame by frame edits using photoshop. I guess since It took me so long to do all the frame by frames and the very few things that I actually used AFX for. I kinda lost track of where this vid was actually going. that and trying to meet deadlines with Yasumicon 2003 (yes, If you've seen my other vids you'll realize that yasumicon2003 was my first convention) I forced myself to finish the video. somethings I was actually somewhat happy with, but I wasn't and still am not completely satisfied with this one. well even though its a year old I guess I can still call this My latest Kreation because I quickly after that vid fell into a really bad case of writers block + external distractions that kept me away from making any other videos ( I have countless rough drafts that made it about 2 weeks tops before I decided to throw them away.) well I'm looking forward to finishing the Vid I'm working on now It's going to be a huge jump from the quality of these videos. mainly added experiences through most of those rough drafts even though I never finished any of them I always took away something from them and I'm happy about that.
    Oh yeah, If you have seen my Sojiro vid, I still wasn't able to fix that slowdown problem when playing them in DivX players. so If anyone has that slow down problem and know what it is please let me know so I may fix it in my next vids.


    Well enough ranting I'll talk about my next vid when I post it.

    Carlos Melendez "The madman behind Dranged Kreationz

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