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  • Member: temaranight
  • Studio: Existentialism
  • Title: Kingdom Bebop
  • Premiered: 2004-01-26
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  • Songs:
    • Utada Hikaru Simple and Clean Planit B Mix
    • Yoko Shimomura Dearly Beloved-Reprise
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  • Comments: Another shot at trying my hand at action videos. I was searching through the Bebop movie looking for some footage for another video..while listening to some randome MP3's..and the english version of Clean and Simple came on..I was at the part in the movie where Spike opens his eyes and see's the butterfly when Sora starts his real or dream speech. So I thought..hey..that seems to look really good toghter..and so the idea was born. I used the Japanese version of Clean and Simple mainly for the fact that I wouldn't have to worry about lryic synch that way. (if you know how the song goes..then you know that Bebop wouldn't have fit well with the lyrics at all) I threw togther some footage and sent the beta to Devolution and said.."what do you think"? His basic response was, shorten the clips..use more varied footage and work on your beat synch..
    After getting frustrated with it..I set it to the side for awhile and worked on some other things...Then in another convo with him..the subject of what unfinished videos to actually finish came up..and he suggested to me that I should give this vid another shot, and here you see the finished vid.
    The title screen idea isn't what I intially had planned for it..but after trying to "make" the Kingdom Hearts logo font and failing numerous times..I settled for the closest thing I could find. My intial title card had Sora ala Spike...
    I actually tried to use AD and Ermac's guide for the encoding on this one..and I'd like to think it didn't come out half bad...
    I used Premire 6.0, VDub, VDubAVS, and Photoshop for this video.

    **Winner of Best Action at the 2004 MTAC AMV contest**

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