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  • Member: Zero1
  • Studio: Z3r01's Anime
  • Title: [Z3r01's Anime] Gundam Wing & Transformers - Gundams In Disguise (Movie Version) (320x240)
  • Premiered: 2002-02-01
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    • Transformers the Movie Ending Theme (Short Vers.)
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  • Comments: Shortly following after my first Gundam Wing & Transformers spoof (The 80's version 37 secs long) comes the longer version to the short version of the movie ending (I hope that made sense!)

    This one runs for about 1 min 20 secs.

    My only dissapointment is that the music sounds a bit one sided, I may be able to fix it. I'm getting a new soundcard soon so I may have a go at remastering it.

    Not a lot to say really, it was made from the 2 Gundam Wing textless openings, which I think are a rare find. Well I've got the boxset and it's got the "proper" Just communications opening, and it's got a mid-late series Rythm Emotion opening that at first I thought was just made up to fill the disc. Well it wasn't the Rythm Emotion I remember, it was filled with series footage as is they couldnt obtain the original and just recreated is as best they can.

    Sorry about the audio issue, I hope to fix this some time, Enjoy for now!

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