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  • Member: Metro
  • Studio: metro productions
  • Title: Telephone Love
  • Premiered: 2004-01-23
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  • Songs:
    • Chappelle's Show Verizon
    • Enya Only Time
    • J C Lodge Telephone Love
    • Lexus Things of Beauty
    • When I Grow Up
    • Verizon Can you hear me now?
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    plz :(

    This video really did start off as a drama vid. The day before Anime Weekend Atlanta I had the great desire to edit. Alas, I did not have a project going at the time so I grabbed a song off of my hard drive, Gortez A Ran J'tends from the closing credits of Blackhawk Down, and an anime of the shelf, Hoshi no Koe. I hadn't in fact watched Hoshi yet and in fact edited for several weeks without watching the movie ;-). I had completed my first draft of the vid and was somewhat disappointed with it. I thought it was campy and over dramatic. So I was mulling over how to improve my project when I actually sat down with my anime club and watched the thing through. The first time Noboru shows up with his phone someone in the audience heckled "Can you hear me now?" Hilarious! I thought, and I knew I had my theme for this video. If you haven't seen Hoshi No Koe, I highly recommend it, but the basis of the plot is two lovers are separated and only able to talk through text messages over phones. So the line "Can you hear me now?" has special , and a very funny, significance to the show.

    I have always wanted to make a drama/comedy video and thought this would be a good place to start so I downloaded some Verizon commercials and tacked it onto the end of my drama video. After shopping it around to a few people and getting some feedback I decided that in order for the concept to work I needed to shorten the drama part of the video to avoid confusion and then just let the video go to hell. I'd have Noboru making cameo's in various Anime series asking "Can you hear me now?". This setup allowed me a great deal of freedom in what I could include in the video. All I really had to do was come up with some jokes and make sure that Noboru showed up and delivered his line.

    April 8, 2004

    Fixed some minor mistakes in the Video and changed the ending so it is easier to understand.

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