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  • Member: BigDude
  • Studio: Panzer Supreme Studios
  • Title: Short AMVs For Short People - Track 50, Voices
  • Premiered: 2003-12-19
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    • Strung Out Klawsterfobia
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  • Comments: Track 50 for the Short AMVs for Short People Project

    I made this one over a time period of about 3 days... I hadnt made a video in almost two months so I was itching to make it. It was probably about 10 hours, give or take a few, spent editng. :P
    It was short and sweet, like sweet, haha.

    I personally think I hit the lyrics pretty good. I did try to follow them as best I could, though, you people probly wouldnt notice vary well since the lyrics its self are hard to understand... As that is normally associated with 'punk' music.

    I finnaly got to use my Evangelion DVDs! :P
    They were collecting dust up on my self, serious. Had to use it. Not that there already isnt enough Evangelion in this project already... oh well.

    Nifty effect for this video: 'Sliding Bars', no, not the kind of bar you normally get drunk at... sadly...
    They add a qaint feel to the video and I think help finish it off.
    Using the nice 'Clip' effect in Premiere and setting transparentcy to 'RGB Difference' and then clicking on the black to get rid of it. They by setting the frames up right, made them move. Yay.




    The view from this perspective's getting stale
    As my best defenses crumble one more time
    The walls are gettin' tighter
    Voices gettin' louder
    Desperation's growing inside my mind
    So I just hide away
    I don't want anything from you!


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    DVD Decripter
    DVD2AVI 1.76
    Adobe Premiere 6.5


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    Length: 00:30:00
    Res: 720x360
    Size: 18MB
    Format: .avi
    Codec: XviD


    Thanx for reading, Hope you enjoy the video! ^_^

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