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  • Member: AngelCross143
  • Studio: AngelCross Productions
  • Title: The Love of an Angel
  • Premiered: 2004-01-19
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    • Donna Lewis I Love You (Always Forever)
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  • Comments: UPDATE (05/02/2007)
    This video is available for quick viewing on Furthermore, phrequency of is AngelCross143.

    UPDATE (05/01/2004)
    - Made public to two more new opinions.
    - I am leaving my dorm for the summer and heading back home to my 56k. Unfortunately, my indirect link for this video will not be available anymore until sometime in late August.

    Another Note: With my limited anime knowledge =( I have come to realize that I may have made a mistake in the credits of the AMV. I don't know if I should have put OVA or OAV. Originally I thought it was OAV. I just wanted to point out that potential mistake.



    After consulting with several friends in my dorm after they test downloaded my video, 1 of them found out that the video quality they saw was "butchered". I'm not exactly sure what the cause is, but I have sort of come to the conclusion that it's probably the codec or probably the media player. I was able to resovle the problem by having them play the video in the DivX player which was provided from the DivX codec site. (It was originally played in Windows Media Player. It worked fine on other computers with the same version of Windows Media Player). I haven't really kept track on what DivX codec version I used, but I know that it's most likely the latest because since this is the first AMV in DivX form, I had to download all the appropriate tools and such.

    Though it's only 1 person, it might just be a total freak occurance, however, in case you do download the video and the quality looks butchered, then it's definitely not the video I saw with my own two eyes. Sorry for the inconvenience if you come across it.


    Start Date: January 11, 2004
    Completion Date: January 19, 2004

    After expanding my anime universe, I was determined to make better AMVs. I think it was when I tripped on an image shot of Belldandy when I first learned about “Ah! My Goddess”.

    Originally, before I had watched and learned about the Ah! My Goddess OAV series, I had hoped that the series would have a tragic ending (i.e. the demise of one of the main characters) because I was interested in trying to create an AMV that would definitely tug the heart strings.

    It wasn’t until a few short months later that I’d watch the entire series in less than a day. I found it to be a very interesting romance anime series despite how short it was and despite the fact it was probably the only romance anime I’ve ever watched.

    The reason I chose “I Love You Always Forever” for the video was because of the lyrics (except for the fact that the lead male character doesn’t have the “most unbelievable blue eyes”). “You’re My Angel” came to a very close second, and I almost considered using that song instead. The deciding factor was primarily clear presence of rhythm and beat, which was something I wanted to incorporate into the video rather than keep it smooth and fade-like I guess you can say. The song I chose was one-sided so it was easy to organize the clips to profile Belldandy’s love for Keiichi rather than switch sides back and fourth, however the trend of the video is basically the relationship they share.

    For the most part, I tried to keep the video upbeat with its own sets of transitions/effects dependent on the part of the song. I really enjoyed making the AMV that most of the nights I spent editing the video (school nights, mind you ^_^) were up till 4-5am.

    Just a small note, there only two lip sync parts present in the video, which are both before the start of the first and second chorus.

    The message I tried to get across in the AMV is easy to catch, however, I had intended for a more profound message to be expressed in the AMV. I didn’t want to make the AMV too complicated with more text than it was so I decided to just leave it at that. Though I’m not going to dispense my complete message, hopefully the AMV left enough room for the mind to wonder about.

    Enjoy the video... Opinions are appreciated.

    Speaking of opinions, since I can only have 2 opinions public at once, I've been trying out distributing the amount of time each opinion gets publicized. Since there aren't too many right now, it isn't hard to manage.

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