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  • Member: DancingPanda
  • Studio: Helluva FAR Productions
  • Title: Dark Triangle
  • Premiered: 2001-09-18
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  • Comments: Jan. 7, '02:
    I've put the link back up, thanks for a review reminding me to do so.

    *IMPORTANT* Hey, as of around the monday before thanksgiving 2001, my host decided to complain about the bandwidth usage due to everyone downloading my music vids (but hey, I guess that's somewhat of a good thing in disguise) so I don't have my music videos up right now but I'll come up with some way to give you guys better access to them in the future!

    I might go back someday soon and take out the flashback footage from the last minute or so. I think that just clutters it up.

    Otherwise, this was the first video I ever made, so I figured why not. Too many people made Bebop videos without doing a Stones song, and considering so many episodes are named after them, it made sense to me.

    I didn't mean to put in today's date as the premiere, I haven't actually premiered it and don't plan to.

    I've upgraded the bandwidth to unlimited on my server so you guys can hammer the site all you want again. Enjoy.

    Hey, guess what? I heard the download wasn't working for some/all of you and I went and did the work to convert it to MPEG and make it all playable for you fellows. Aren't you glad? I am too. Enjoy (again).

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