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  • Member: AMV_4000
  • Studio: AMV4000
  • Title: King Of Spayn!
  • Premiered: 2004-01-03
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    • Techno..... I think... ATENCIÓN!!!!!!
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  • Comments: ok, here is my amv for the contest between Addiction, Sputnik, and Mr. Pilkington.. the contest rules were - you must use something that sounds like it is spanish or latin or something like that.. you have a week, January 1st thru january 7th to complete your video.. dosent matter how wrong your video is as long as it fits the rules for you to upload it to

    Contains Brief nudity *about 3 seconds* *at about 1:24

    This Video Won The contest!

    I am going to break down my video and semi appolagise for ripping people off so bad...

    CONTAINS SPOILERS *and shameless rip offs* FOR -

    Tornado Vasectomy
    Euphoria *Koop*
    Crying Angel *add*
    *project codenamed* 3 way *add, pilk, sput*
    Lollipops Sunshing and GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! *Doki*
    Soul Glo!
    Soul Brother *meri*
    Yatta *Pilkington*
    Road To Iron Chef
    The Best DBZ Vid EVAR!!
    Disaney's Castle Of Cagliastro
    Blood -Aqua- Victum
    PFS *MJ*
    I Wish I Was A Lesbian *AD*
    Shameless Rock Video *AD*
    NES Project Punchout vid *MJ*
    More Human Then Human *powerpuff girls*
    Plushie Secks *Mr. oni*'
    Not Another Anime Trailer
    Vat Breakdown
    Crash Into Kurumi *add*
    Sonics Run *Add*
    Believe *Caldwell*
    Aphex Twins - Totoro - Come to daddy *Sushi boy jared*
    Red Vs. Blue **
    One Big Cliche *Akimbo*
    Akon Trailer
    any DDR vid

    (if you havent seen any of these, the video may not make sense..)

    Read this ONLY AFTER watching the video

    :00-:02 - people liked when i sped my video up in Crying angel so wat i did here was sped 3 videos up and faded together... *im so lazy*

    :02-:03 - Red Vs. Blue... i like the videos, and i had to put em in here..

    :03-:04 - Bambi 2002... SNL episode with TV funhouse Bambi.. i really like what they did with it, and i have used it in several videos so far... thanks SNL!

    :05-:07 - REAL NINJA ACTION!! MJ put a trailer online and posted it on the chat for a while.. and well.. its great.. i had to take the real ninja action from them! *Disney's Castle Of Cagliostro*

    :07-08 - Laziness.. this was the first cli i came up to, i was going to use totoro for this part.. and well.. this looked like it might fit better.. so i went with it..

    :09-:10 - Pilkington Rip off... this pretains to a Joke in the video in the works right now codenamed "3 way", Mr pilkington did a rip off of someone else, and well.. this was the picture he riped off.. *go see 3 way at AWA in 2004!* *taco bell RULES!!*

    :10-:11 - Danny Wilson! he put this thing in his NOT ANOTHER ANIME TRAILER, so i thought it was a good oppertunity to rip him off..

    :11-:12 - Shameless plug of my title.... i couldnt resist.. it was kind of like.. ok thats the intro, but the video continues the same... no real point..

    :12-:15 - Again with bambi.. just good clean fun..

    :15-:16 - Riping off "Pussy All Night" and also giving a warining of things to come.. i ripped myself off.. score!

    :16-:19 - Red Vs. Blue again! since its a diff language.. i can put whatever subs i want and not may people will know thats probably not what they said.. and thats also one of my fav parts of RVB...

    :19-:23 - Badman! yes its Badman! i am becoming know for Badman.. so i figured i'll throw him in here too..

    :23-:24 - Raptor? thats Mr. Pilkingtons raptor.. I had to make him singing in here too.. jut because its shamelessly ripping him off... *this accual scene was taken from Tornado Vasectoy!*

    :24-:26 - Too Hot For AMV??? yes.. that was stolen straight from Tornado Vasectomy... why? Because it again shamelessly rips off Mr. pilkington! *go see Tornado Vasectomy!*

    :27-:29 - WTF???? this is also from Tornado Vasectomy.. i had to AGAIN rip off *not pilk* Danny Wilson! HA HA HA! go see Tornado Vasectomy BEFORE watching this video or it will spoil TV for you!!

    :30-:31 - O,o not ripped off?? no, this is not ripping off anyone! its just excel singing... in Pilks contest vid he had excel in the scene *i think* right after this, so this was just semi ripping him off.. but not really..

    :31-:35 - Dancing babies? remember those dancing babies? i wanted to put them in at this point.. but i couldnt so i got the next best thing.. Seabass... no.. not really, but i did get Stewie from family guy!! HA HA!

    :35-:36 - dancing cars... i just like this scene of excel.. ha.. ha ha..

    :37-:38 - another rip off of Tornado Vasectomy!!

    :39-:40 - tub scene... Ha.. HA HA HA!! is it wrong? no not really.. but some people might think it is.. Mr. Oni.. this ones for you...

    :40-:42 - Sushi boy jared rip off? I THINK SO!!

    :42-:43 - Another Pilk rip off? YES!! but also an austin powers rip off.. the Subtitles...

    :43-:45 - You Are Owned... ha ha ha.. also a sushi boy jared rip off.. but more of a chance to OWN YOUR ASS!!

    :45-:47 - a score board? Yes.. its also stolen from Tornado Vasectomy!! but i added lightning to fir the song.. and im also trying to SHAMELESSLY PLUG MY WEBSITE HTTP://AMV4000.COM a great place for amv's!

    :47-:51 - ripping off 2 of my own videos, Crying Angel and my Bare Bears Beta *released on my amv cd at awa 2003!*

    :51-:53 - even Sailor Moon likes my vid.. HA yah right!

    :53-:57 - Euphoria?? NO! its not Euphoria! thats Crying Angel in there... OOO... i ripped off Euphoria and edited my own video into it just to make you watch that 1 scene over and over and over again!!

    :57-:59 - Lollipops sunshine and funny beeps? i liked this scene so i stole it.. ha. more ripping off by me.. *thanks doki!*

    :59-1:01 - Mr Pilkington?? Yes, pilkington is my BITCH! ad this scene was taken from I WISH I WAS A LESBIAN *thanks absolute destiny!*


    1:03-1:04 - out of scenes? no way, i just wanted to make a statement, i havent seen ayone do that before so i wanted to.. ha ha ha

    1:04-1:11 - shameless attacks on Wu Wu? yes Sai, if you remember back to like.. september or october 2003, i photoshopped a few pics of you, me, bells.. and well.. when i uploaded them and showed people i always though.. more need to see these... so now.. maby more people can! *i lub you wu wu -aim kissy face-*

    1:11-1:11.5 - a pop frame in Tornado Vasectomy, needed to be longer.. so now it is! and its advertising my website! *aim kissyface*

    1:11-1:12 - Mr. Pilkington raptor again? then it has an aim kissy face? *freeze the video on this scene to see all 3 secrets!

    1:12-1:13 - carebears agian? this was an edited picture i made and it was a choice for the Chat Couch.. either this care bear of badman.. badman won the vote.. but i still used this pic on 2 videos, this one and THE BEST DBZ VID EVAR!!

    1:13-1:16 - Aneurysm? this was stolen from a video by Mr Pilkington called YATTA! another pilkington ripoff...

    1:16-1:18 - Another pilkington rip off, again from Yatta..

    1:18-1:21 - Bluescreen of death?? Stolen from Vat breakdown.. the Ha Ha Ha was suposed to look like the Ha Ha Ha from Animal Crossings..

    1:21-1:22 - Mindless Self Ownagization! this was taken from Meri's Jet Set Radio Project video, and i had to say ok, this is now me.. arent i secksee? wait.. DDR arrows from the crotch? WTF?

    1:22-1:24 - Studying amv's, ripped off from Road to Iron Chef, this it what will be next year! he is watching The Best DBZ Vid EVAR!! and he is getting idead... maby not for a video.. maby just for revenge.. but its still great!

    1:24-1:25 - Hitori? i was watching Akon14DocTrailer and i found this clip.. and said.. who are they talking about? then i thought hmm...

    1:25-1:26 - i said, maby its that chick from bible black... and then it clicked.. so i put it in there and i was going to add text that said "If The Only Knew" but OMG WTF?? worked well too..

    1:26-1:29 - editors need to be known.. so here is Danny.. he looks like he needs a hug.. If you see danny at a con.. Please hug him.. if you a girl.. You REALLY need to hug him.. boost his confidence!! *aim kissy face*

    1:29-1:30 - I honestly dont know what the hell that is.. i just threw it in from the Blood Victum vid because its fun to rip people off.. plus it gave me a second of footage..

    1:30-1:31 - MJ! he gets Points for Secks tew! i give 4000 points to mj! *pointless scene for purposes of ripping off his video Points for Secks!

    1:31-1:33 - You Mean you wish you were getting RIPPED OFF!! i ripped off Ian *AD* again!

    1:33-1:35 - If you saw Project NES you would have seen MJ's Punchout video.. i decided, lets put Koop in there as # 1 since everyone thinks he is.. and well.. i decided, why not put me # 2 *even though im more like 2,099,748,721,054,665th* but yah, thats where that scene is from!

    1:35-1:37 - Crying Angel, i took that from my vid, just as a filler.. no real point..

    1:37-1:38 - Dancing Robo Powerpuff girl, no point, ust ripping off the More Human Then Human video..

    1:38-1:40 - Plushie Secks?? this comes from Mr. Oni's Plushie secks Lub Video.. one of my favs!

    1:40-1:42 - Another scene from yatta! i just like the guy whos like either yelling at the ground.. or vommiting..

    1:42-1:44 - Speed Racer? Another Tornado Vasectomy Rip off.. he was accually trying to rip himself off.. and the text in front of it was accually from a pop frame i pointed out to pilk in TV right after his part...

    1:44-1:46 - ?? "i dont get it" well let me explain, pilk accually put some footage in his Tornado Vasectmy part that was "too hot for amv" so it got this put in his place...

    1:46-1:47 - the system is down.. Ripping off Vat Breakdown!

    1:47-1:50 - stolen from yatta, although it could be from many many videos.. this was taken from Yatta!

    1:50-1:52 - the premiere screen shot from my Crash Into Kurumi video.. there are pop frames in there.. but i wont ruin it and tell you what the pop frame is...

    1:52-1:53 - This video sucks *stolen from Sonics Run*

    1:53-1:55 - another picture from Meri's Soul brother JSR video... just seckseeness..

    1:55-2:00 - stolen from Kevin Caldwell's Believe video, i decided to shove Crying Angel Down you throats 1 more time.. if you look closely Koops Euphoria is put in there at like 500% speed overlaying another clip.. but the video is in there..

    2:00-2:02 - 3 clips at 10,000% speed overlayed like, at the beginning, but this time you get the...

    2:02-2:03 - .. Bluescreen Of Death!! again...

    2:03-2:05 - One last shameless rip off, taken from Vat Breakdown *there is someone talking in the background and i didnt do the dub perfect.. but still..

    2:05-2:09 - show my title and how to contact me to send hate mail.. *and were outta here*

    for now the video is down, im not sure if it was the brief nudity, or just the level of wrong in this video.. but im gunna talk to the mods about it...then see about posting the edited version on the org... *i will host the uncut version on my site soon!* be patient, i am working on getting it up for you!

    Direct Download - Contains BRIEF nudity! im going to talk to the admina about why the local was removed, and see if i can upload a Censored Version locally.. but for now.. KOS is only downloadable Directly!

    *Please Right click and "Save Target As"!*

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