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  • Member: Nicq
  • Title: Russian Roulette
  • Premiered: 2004-01-13
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    • Revis Spin
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  • Comments: In the game of Russian Roulette, a man puts one bullet into a revolver, spins the barrel, and pulls the trigger at his head. It is a game soley on luck. Yet luck cannot last forever.
    For Spike, every time he goes into battle, he puts his life on the betting table. Yet at times, there is no reason to do what he has done. What has influenced Spike so much that he must put his life on the line time and time again? And when will that luck run out?
    I first heard of this song only days before I began making this vid. The only true thing wrong with the lyrics was the fact that Spike does not use a revolver. That's when the idea of Russian Roulette came to mind. If I could not have a real revolver in the making, I'd have a metiforical revolver in between the lines.

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