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  • Member: Zero1
  • Studio: Z3r01's Anime
  • Title: [Z3r01's Anime] Gundam W : Endless Waltz & Transformers OST - Transformers the Movie Credits (640x480)
  • Premiered: 2003-03-07
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    • Transformers the Movie Ending Theme
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  • Comments: Hey there, this video was something I made just for fun, you see aaages ago I got both Gundam Wing TV series openings and also found a copy of the Transformers TV theme (went through a short lived nostalgia moment lol)

    I put the video and audio together, in the form of a 30 second TV commercial or opening/ending credits parody.
    I sent it to a few people and they loved it, they saw the funny side as well as a good bit of editing.

    So a while later, I decided to produce a slightly longer version, since I had found both the TV series and the Movie audio at the same time. The video lasted about 1:20.

    It just wasn't long enough to call a music video in my opinion, so months later, when I had gotten XP and Microsoft had released Movie Maker 2, I set about making a full version. I tracked down a copy of the full Movie ending theme and set to work. I finished it after quite some time, this was turning out to be a good bit of work from me back then, so naturally I spent time on it to make sure it was just so.

    So I had version 1 which was all good. I had upgraded my DivX and MP3 codecs, so I ripped the DVD again and started work on Version 2, I had to tidy up some glitches and I also added the original Gundam Wing and Transformers vid that kicked it all off to the end of the AMV, gave it a sepia tone to match the old sounding audio to make it more "old skool"

    It was great, V2 was born. These are the versions I am uploading, I hope you enjoy.

    ACen 2003!
    Yes, I still can't quite believe that I, living in the UK have had an AMV of mine shown in a major Anime convention in America.

    Version 3 got shown at ACen, changes are as follows:
    - All the frames were offset and askew, while I retimed the whole video, Duo's lipsynching HAD to be left out. This was one of my favourite parts that I worked hard on too.
    - Changed the outro video, Instead of it being a full screen sepia effect, it now slides sideways and leaves a black panel for the credits to scroll up on. I did prefer this version though.
    - Convention Conformance! - i needed to have X amount of seconds of blank screen in order not to kill the Projector or whatever was used at ACen, I think it was 10 seconds

    So Version 2 is what you will be downloading, which was the way it was intended to be viewed

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