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  • Member: Nyartal
  • Studio: Unnecessary Productions
  • Title: Don't Stop Me Now
  • Premiered: 2004-01-12
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  • Songs:
    • Queen Don't Stop Me Now
    • Sonic X Sonic Drive (karaoke version)
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  • Comments: The idea for this AMV has been bouncing around my head since the start of 2003. And all because I'm a dork who immediately thought of Sonic the Hedgehog upon hearing a certain line in the song... Originally I wanted to use Sonic Adventure 2 for this, but I could never get hold of enough footage. But I think it actually works better with Sonic X.

    There's a little bit of lip sync with Eggman at around 47 seconds in, but to perfectly honest that was more or less accidental. And the only real digital effect is Sonic during the intro -- that little five second sequence was the most time-consuming single aspect of the entire video, taking around six hours to put together.

    Overall, it's just an attempt at a fun little video featuring Sonic and Shadow, and focusing mainly on the Sonic Adventure 2 saga of the Sonic X anime.

    Created using QuickTime Pro and iMovie, between late November 2003 and January 2004.

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