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  • Member: Bandit
  • Studio: DBA - Studio
  • Title: AMan Inside
  • Premiered: 2004-01-11
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  • Songs:
    • Godsmack I Stand Alone
    • Moonspell Love Crimes
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Maybe not everybody knows "Devilman". Long ago the earth was ruled by demons. The Ice Age froze all of them until modern times: they came to life again and began their war against humans to reconquer their reign. An occultist choose a boy of strong will and pure heart to be possessed by a demon: he meant the boy to dominate the demon and obtain the powers of their enemies. He succeded and Akira, that was the name of the boy, became Devilman, obtaining the power of the demon inside of him: Amon, one of the strongest.
    This is the story in a few words...

    Now I'll talk about the mv.
    The title, first of all:
    A Man Inside is meant to
    -What a man (Akira) has inside
    -A demon (Amon) that has now a man inside
    -What having A-MOn inside could take at

    All the MV is centered on the 3 concepts listed above. I showed the inner side of Amon and Akira by Zooming inside themself (well... check it out and you'll understand what I mean)and all the clips are perfectly linked to the song's word: "I stand alone" becomes a perfect dialogue between the demon and the man, both willing to have the dominance, willing to stand without the other.
    I won't speak about the plot: I don't want to break suspance ^_- . I'll just tell that the mv is filled with anguish and sadness; loneliness and furious rage. So the atmosphear is so dark and a bit "negative". I didn't mean to make a so drammatic mv... But circumstances often have the best on you: that is the same message the video suggest, but I preferred to give a ray of light and hope in the end

    From the technical point of view: there is plenty of strobe effects, zooms and fading. A great amount of effort for giving dark atmosphear was taken by chromatic and luminance effects. I worked hard about musics for mixing and gain the time I need to complete the whole plot. Lip Sync to manage the dialogue between Akira and Amon.

    Well download it and please give an opinion:
    you won't be displeased... Maybe a little anguished...

    at Sakkaku studio (

    KING OF THE HILL (3 times)
    at Majin Planet (

    VCA 2005 Semifinalist
    Nominated in best horror/terror

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