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  • Member: TekkaRepliroid Zero
  • Studio: Orbital Castle Studio
  • Title: I'll Never be the One that she Needs
  • Premiered: 2004-01-09
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    • Econoline Crush Home
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    Now that I have your attention... ^^'

    My 5th AMV, 2nd Orbital Castle Studio production, and the first of mine to go online (also the first one of mine to be made on my own box). The Doc had a collaborative role in the concept (music choice), and then I took it from there (he still hasn't seen Angel Sanctuary yet, but he probably wouldn't like it).

    I'd like to thank ErMaC and AbsoluteDestiny as their A/V guide held my hand through ripping and encoding, and the quality is superb! DVD source and virtually-DVD output.

    Rundown of software used;
    Smartripper 2.41
    Audiograbber 1.82
    DVD2AVI 1.86
    BeSweet (GUI) 0.7
    Virtual Dub 1.5.1
    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    abcAVI Tag Editor 1.7.1
    TMPGEnc 2.5
    40+ hours of work
    +Proper use of all of the above
    Priceless AMV

    Damn, I didn't realize the list was that long until just now 0o...

    For those curious, filters were kept to a minimum in this video since it is mixing anime and illustration visual sources, convolution and msharpen were applied, and that's it.

    The idea has been sitting around for a couple years (since Irregulars was made at least, that was over 1.5 years ago), as typical, and it came together without too much hassle, although I was scrambling a little for footage once in a while. Used both the Angel Sanctuary OVA and some artbook imagery in the video.

    Now, this video is a bit different from some of the other Angel Sanctuary vids in that this one is showing the relationship from the angle of how messed it all is, and that it is asking for trouble. And trouble, as all who have seen it know, certainly comes knocking. This video doesn't actually attempt to justify the relationship (the contrary is more true actually), albeit portrays how genuine the love in the relationship is.

    We've got a guy, who's the reincarnate of a female angel, who's in love with his sister (but then who's actually in love with his sister?). Mind games result, and this video shows some of the insanity that Setsuna is put through. Alexiel is there in the vid, but very very brief (surprise, same applied for the OVA anyway).

    Just want to escape the insanity. This world will not accept it, and he is trouble for her. This world will take them away, and they will be taken home.

    As for the technical angle - headache. But it was worth it. "Home" is a very hard and fast track, but, dropping modesty, I've kept up admirably IMO. The break is intense and turned out as good as hoped. Lots of attention paid to scene selection (even those ever so breif clips that flash once) and attaining the delicate balance between technical and artistic weight. Lots of sped up footage in this thing too, jeez (the OVA seems so slow after making this vid).

    Probably going to enter this into Anime North 2004.

    Thank you and enjoy!

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