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  • Member: Freeptop
  • Studio: C&C Productions
  • Title: Let This Be The End of Evangelion
  • Premiered: 2004-02-13
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  • Songs:
    • Haddaway What Is Love?
    • Linkin Park Session
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  • Comments: This is C&C Productions' first AMV. It was premiered in the AMV contest of Katsucon 10, where it won the following awards:

    Audience Choice - #1 Favorite
    Judges' Choice - Best Comedy
    Judge Special Achievement Certificate (Presented By: Steve Shivers)

    A very big thank you to everyone who voted for us!
    (Even if we can't help but find the fact that we won somewhat ironic... ;) )

    Official Description:
    Ever notice that a lot of Evangelion AMVs use the same footage? So did we. C&C Productions presents "Let This Be The End Of Evangelion", an Evangelion AMV parody of, well, Evangelion AMVs...

    Equipment/Software used:
    G4 Powerbook Macintosh running MacOS X 10.2, using a Dazzle DV bridge for capturing. All editing was performed in Adobe Premiere 6.5.

    The download is a DivX AVI file. I would have preferred to have provided something a little more generally compatible, but this was the only means at my disposal with which to provide something approaching a reasonable file size without making a critical part of the video too blurry.

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