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  • Member: greenjinjo
  • Studio: Greenjinjo Studios
  • Title: Angelography
  • Premiered: 2004-01-08
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  • Song:
    • Descent 2 Soundtrack Glut
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    Please check out the newest version of Angelograpy, Angelography Mk 2, at

    I should really call this AMV "10 Reasons Not To Use Windows Movie Maker".

    This video started off as a combination of two songs, and it was going to include all of the angels from Evangelion. However, because I cannot yet afford Adobe Premiere and have to use WMM, it only allowed me to create about 3:15 seconds worth of video. So I had to cut and paste some things around. While this is the final version of this video, I hope to one day get Premiere and create "Part 2".

    Please note, there are some big spoilers in this video =)

    One of my original intentions of this video was for people to see the real names of the angels, not just "13th Angel" etc. Hence the title. I wanted a sort of "biography" of the angels. Too bad I couldn't get all of them in.... yet.

    This is by far the best video to date that I've made. It uses actual DVD footage, and it's running at about 2.0 MB/sec, so the quality is very high while still maintaining a reasonable file size.

    The video took me a good deal longer than the rest of my videos as I actually spent about a week on this video, and I didn't really do much besides make the video during that week =) I was going to submit this video to some contests, but since it isn't exactly what I was originally wanting, I might not. Please let me know if you think I should.

    As with my other videos (except for Fell In Love With a Girl *rolls eyes*), I tried to use a song not many people have ever heard of before just to get some variety. The song is a very cool song, and unless you've played Descent 2, you've probably never heard it before. You may hear a little skip in the music towards the very end of the video; once again, the joys of Windows Movie Maker.

    I spent more time on having scenes change with the beat like a good AMV should so please please please leave your comments (good and bad) to let me know what you liked and what should be done to make my next video better (besides use a different program *smiles*)

    EDIT: Well, erm, I just realized at the beginning of the video it says Angelology. It was the original name of the video. I apologize for my absent mindedness!

    P.S. Thanks a bunch to AbsoluteDestiny & ErMaC's guide! It was a huge help!

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