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  • Member: KillDieMurder
  • Studio: Studio F
  • Title: Hostile Invasion
  • Premiered: 2004-01-20
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • Suzumebachi and Protricity "Hostile Abduction" (Battle1 Theme)
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is the last video I'm gonna make with Windows Movie Maker 2.
    Since I recently got Premiere to work I'll be focusing my efforts into learning that program. Plus WMM kinda sucks.

    I got the idea for this video while driving in my car listening to the song. It's about the invasion of NERV and Asukas battle. This is my first attempt at an action AMV and I think it turned out decently. I'll more than likely redo this in premiere at a later date.

    The song is a remix of the first Ridley incounter in Super Metroid for the SNES. This track is a part of the Relics of the Chozo music project: "a collective and collaborative interpretation of the soundtrack of Super Metroid." For get the soundtrack and more info check 'em out at
    It'll be worth it.

    Programs used:
    Windows Movie Maker 2 (It sucks)

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