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  • Member: Zero1
  • Studio: Z3r01's Anime
  • Title: [Z3r01's Anime] Rurouni Kenshin & Linkin Park - Nobody's Listening (640x480)
  • Premiered: 2003-12-27
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    • Linkin Park Nobody's Listening
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  • Comments: ----------------REMASTER REQUIRES H.264 + AAC DECODING & MP4 PARSING---------------
    ----This video requires FFDshow and Haali's Media Splitter OR the CCCP (recommended)---

    You can choose to install these independently, but it is recommended you install the CCCP
    The CCCP is a basically FFDshow, a MP4, MKV and OGM splitter with a softsub renderer, all configured for you so you can just whizz through the install and get playing back right away. Think of it as the AMVapp of the playback world.

    If you want to read the full wiki and FAQ, click here
    Still lost, or prefer to install things yourself? Check out my own guide here

    Whether you choose to do the easy thing and install the CCCP, or do it your own way, you can check out my registry entry which will integrate MP4 support in Windows, so you can double click to play, see video thumbnails and a few other cool things, it'll be just like an AVI. You can find the registry entry here as well as instructions for the first run and what to do if you want to get rid of things. There is also an explanation as to why I have chosen this format.

    Original Comments
    Where to start?

    Well, there I was one day, listening to my cousin's Meteora CD and I came to track 11. I thought it sounded "Ancient Japanesy" and thought it might work well in an AMV. It didn't take much thought to conclude that the Kenshin OAV's were stereotypically "Ancient Japanesy" and so an idea was born.

    A few months after, I found it was boxing day, and out of boredom I ripped my DVDs and started to compose a new Kenshin video.

    To make this I first compiled it in Movie Maker 1 (because cutting scenes is MUCH more accurate on Movie Maker 1 and also the preview shows all the frames. Movie Maker 2 seems to skip frames, I don't think it uses an overlay), this allowed me to get the actions to work to the music, and get the cutting right like at the start of the video.

    After quite some time, maybe 7 hours or more (my computer was starting to lag for some reason, so to preview I had to dump the movie into a playable file every time! This could take from 5-15 mins each time), I had completed the first stage.

    I then opened it in Movie Maker 2, just to add some effects, finish timings and throw some info into it. You can also encode at MUCH better quality with Movie Maker 2 since it uses Windows Media 9 Professional codecs (maybe not as good as DivX, but has a wider compatability, ie Windows media can automatically download the codecs, whereas DivX requires 3rd party codecs which have to be installed manually)

    I think this took about 9 hours in total to make believe it or not (It may have taken even longer, I'm just going by the created and modified dates on the 2 save files)

    Remaster Comments
    Well something like 2 years later I decided to remaster this old video. Why? Well although it's one of my earlier videos it seems that there are some people that have at least enjoyed it, so I thought I'd remaster it with much better quality.

    Took only a day to arrange the video and audio, about a week in all what with correcting the footage and just some little errors (I'm still not happy with the encode, but it looks infinately better than the original).

    This video also has softsubs! Nothing fancy, but it has subtitles with the song lyrics that you can turn on and off when you install the CCCP. It wasn't here for any serious purpose other than it was a feature I wanted to try out.

    So what's the deal with MP4? MP4 is a container, just like AVI, OGM or MKV. They are basically files that hold one or more streams, ie audio and video. Having a dual audio video with subtitles without containers would be messy, like 4 files minimum. Containers basically hold it all together. MP4 is much more efficient than AVI, and has more capabilities such as subtitles, dual audio, proper VBR audio support and no famous AVI B-frame hacks.

    Ok, so I now know a little about MP4, what's this H.264 and AAC? H.264 is a recent video standard. There is an opensource encoder that uses it called X264, think of it as the successor to XviD; it's significantly more efficient, which allows better quality at the same filesize, or same quality at a lower filesize, how you use this is your choice. AAC as you might have guessed is a form of audio compression. It's used in iTunes and the iPod players so you might be familliar with it from there, it's said to be about 30-40% more efficient than mp3, this means that this 160kbps VBR AAC (well it's encoded in itunes so it's not true VBR, more like ABR) is likely to sound as good as, if not better than a 224kbps mp3.

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