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  • Member: ithaqua
  • Title: Heaven As Monogamy?
  • Premiered: 2003-12-30
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  • Song:
    • Imbue Taste Of Heaven
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  • Comments: Here it is - a full length AMV, and with a song with lyrics no less!
    Roughly 5 hours of work, so I hope it entertains at least a little bit. ;]

    This is another look at the love/hate dynamic between Yuki (the blonde smoker) and Shuichi (the pink haired spaz). Yuki is looking at Shuichi entering his life full time and questioning how he really feels about this.

    The song is "Taste Of Heaven" by Imbue. I know absolutely nothing about this band as I just found the song on a sampler from Underground Inc and thought it fit well. But the lyrics are nice and it rocks out just the right amount.
    Besides, using a Skinny Puppy song with Gravitation would just be wrong.

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    Windows Movie Maker
    Exact Audio Copy

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