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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Studio: Vocal Studio's
  • Title: Of A Girl - Part 2 - RockSoul
  • Premiered: 2003-12-29
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  • Song:
    • American HiFi Another Perfect Day
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  • Comments: Title 1 - Of A Girl - Part 2 - RockSoul
    Title 2 - "Out Of Calling area"

    When I had first gotten the idea to make a set of video's,
    This song had been the one to come to mind.

    For some reason I have always been inlove with this song (or atleast since I had first heard it off the cd) and had pretty much always wanted to make a video to the song.

    Though the problem being, I also wanted to make a set of video's and just how to do it was the problem.

    So I started this one back in november around the 13th,
    And eventually I started "Symphony" on the 1st of december,

    Due to this one not being finished intime,
    I went ahead and released "Symphony" as part 1.

    This video was a pain from the start.

    First having a major shortage of footage on a long song was just a painfull process.

    I had 29 minutes of footage and a 3 minute song..
    That never works well when spoke in the same sentence, much less done in a video.

    While loving the song helps at times,
    It also gives you a sense of *oh god, what if I mess up and make a horrible video to a song I love, then I'm screwed*, which eventually I had to learn to overcome just to start to make the video in the first place.

    The anime itself was a given to use,
    I had loved this short since my friend showed me a non-subbed copy from the japanese film festible a few years ago.
    The animation, quailty, and the fact that everything was set up so beautifuly itself made me really just want to do something cool (but short :P ) with it.

    So off I went to make a video.

    I actually started with the middle (the black & white cell phone) as something I wanted to do in the first place, I knew somehow, I had to encorperate the cell phone as it was the central focus of the movie, and should be atleast the secoundary focus of the video itself.

    How to encorperate it came rather easily, seeing as I had just learned to greenscreen stuff, I just felt it would be really (in my own words) "cool" to show them kinda looking back on their past threw the cell phone itself.

    The next part was deciding a very important step.

    What should I do about the cuts...
    Because of the simple fact that most of the beats in the song are guitar/drum beats,

    I made it up in my mind that I wasnt going to use but a few transistions,
    I needed to follow by the beat, but keep by the lyrics,
    And transistions could'nt flow well with the song no matter what I tried,
    It just felt better to use straight cuts in about 99% of the places instead of a regular fade.

    I was wondering perhaps if I should explain why this video series is even a series (as you'll note, they don't use the same music, they don't use to a *degree* the same anime).

    I think for the most part you'll be able to figure it out but,

    Basicly the explanation for the video series,
    Two diffrent genre's of music,
    And two diffrent sircumstances.

    It's love.
    The video's are about love.
    And how it effect's and changes you (no matter who you are).

    I hope ya'll enjoy Part 2 as much as you did Part 1 (if you didn't see part 1, go into my profile and click :D).

    And one last thing.
    Merry Christmas You ;) (you know who you are ;) ):
    Without your support I probably would have givin' up.

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