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  • Member: Machine
  • Studio: MindWarp Entertainment
  • Title: Sense of Identity
  • Premiered: 2001-09-23
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    • Nine Inch Nails Closer
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    Ok, here is another work which again took too long to make (2 months) but I think it was worth it. One of the most surprising and intriguing things about this Perfect Blue video is the realism of its setting. The story never breaks character or looses a grip on its own reality even for a second, and the attention to detail was downright amazing.

    But the realism didn't stop there; the foundation of the story is built on Mima's exit from the Pop idol scene and entrance into the TV acting world, and both of those seem wholly believable; dealing with this subject matter. The general feel and function of this video seems real, but again, the attention to minor details is what really gave it that extra edge.

    But all that realism wasn't there as window dressing, either. The less-than-glamorous (but not exaggeratedly so) behind the scenes view of acting gave the plot of this video a lot of its strength and tension, and the extremely believable backdrop makes the deteriorating reality of Mima all the more effective. The video also gives the violence, which we've gotten pretty used to, a little more bite, since it seems more directly connected to the real world.

    This Perfect Blue video gets it's thrills and chills from a more unexpected source: fractured reality and subtly building on parallels between the real world and TV fantasy. The suspense is also not blatant; most of it is inner turmoil and emotional tension.

    This video is, at heart, a solidly put together cinematic experience. The plot isn't absolutely air-tight, and it's not the perfect music video, but it's well directed and has subtle but impressive visuals, and a sense of realism that is hard to find anywhere else. In the end, I found it tense, engrossing, and quite satisfying, which is about all you can ask for in a good psychodrama.

    The video truly reflects the title of the anime as all of the blue color stands out in every scene of this dramatic video. The color Blue represents Perfection in this video; Perfection is something a person can never have without a sense of identity.....this is something Mima longed for and could never achieve because she was dening who and what she was. I used the color Blue to somwhat symbolize Perfection in this video.

    Small Note: This video uses similar effects which resemble that of ErMac's Closer to God Video. I was greatly inspired by his video to use these effects. So this video goes out to him =). Some of you may frown upon this but here are some reasons I used the effects:

    1. It was a cool way to hit the beat....but most importantly number #2

    2. It as a way of trying to distinguish what is reality and was is not by seeing 2 worlds over lap and collide with each other as one being the real world and the other layer being the world of make believe.

    Now, the mains reasons I made this video were these:

    1. After Faces of Death, several people told me that it was just violent and has no meaning at all. I went back to the drawing board and I was determined to make something that did have meaning and symbolism and yet still horrify people of our harsh reality. That was my main attempt with this video.

    2. A make believe world is a place where we can be ourselves and not have others judge us. The real world is a harsh place where one must hide their true identity form others because of fear of judgement.

    "In the world of make believe, the price of fame may not be worth the cost of identity"

    -Nominee for Best Video at AWA Masters 2001

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