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  • Member: ChaosProjects
  • Studio: Chaosprojects Studios
  • Title: It's Hell Above and Below Water
  • Premiered: 2003-12-26
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    • Curve Hell Above Water
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    Well here were are again...and you know what that is time for a new video release from Chaosprojects Stuidos. Now we bring to you something that just kinda came to me like most of video idea seem to do....Mostly i am known for doing little comdey videos here and there...and sometimes i branch out to other types. I tried a Drama video..that didn't seem to work out too well as people didn't really like the concept or i was the only one that understood it...but this time i have branched out bit into the action videos...this is one of my first videos that i would say is true action. So i have used in this video a kind under the radar anime series that most people may have seen but don't remember much off...Blue Submarine No 6. Basically this series breaks down into fours epsiodes. It is mostly about a man by the name Zorndyke who has cause untold damage by making a pole shift device which has cause the flooding of the world...100's of millions of people die in the flood. So many years later after the world has kind rebuilt itselk they decided that a speical fleet of subs will be created called the Blue Fleet. The best of the best join the Blue Fleet some for revenge..others to just take part. So the Blue Fleet seek out a somewhat retired and recluse submarine pilot...hei s not over joyed but he joins up...and the adventure kinda takes place from there...So this video show alot of the action from the series which a like tons of CG animation in it. The song that i a song that a friend gave to me almost about 3 years ago and told he he though it would make a good video...the Group is Curve and the Song Hell above water. Now these two just seem to click very well so with that alot of action mixed witha fast pace song...and you have my lastest vid.

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