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  • Member: PX32
  • Title: Funk Soul Brother
  • Premiered: 2003-12-25
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  • Songs:
    • benny hill Benny Hill theme music
    • Fatboy Slim The rockafeller skank (px32 edit)
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  • Comments: ++ 1st Place at the Conneko AMV Contest 2004 (Category Comedy) ++

    So here is my new piece of work.^^
    I created it over a period of about 6 months with a work time between 75 till 100 hours.
    (I always forgot about time when I began to work on it).
    I thought after creating a bunch of action AMVs it was time for a change. Ok the
    only difference is that the action these time is rather funny than serious.
    I tried to put together a funky song with the funkiest anime I know.
    The idea to the video flew around in my head a long time ago and I decided to begin
    work in June with the summer-break to create my AMV for the Connichi 2k3 AMV-Contest
    here in Germany. I spend a lot of money in importing the US-DVDs (a fucking lot of money
    for my understanding^^).
    And then I missed the closing date about 3 months. -_-
    But there are many other contests I can take part in.^^
    I think because of the long time of working on it you can see a certain difference
    developing more and more up to the end.
    I took a long time to really get into the song.
    I also admit that my demand on visual effects is minimal. I don't like using complicated
    visual effects. Maybe you can call me a bit "old school". ;)

    Ok now I want to refer to a really constant habit of myself:
    I like to cut songs if I don't like certain parts.^^
    You maybe understand me if you know the whole version of the song.
    After the slow-down in the song there is a terrible rising sound which nearly
    kills your ears when you're hearing it.
    So I cut that part out. I tried hard to cover that cut and I think I was successful.
    The second cut is more obvious but not less necessary for me.
    Because I had a bad mind about that I created that Godzilla part which is a little parody
    on a little discussion between me and JCD(you may know him).
    I just took my good old Rc 3 Godzilla DVD and took out the most ridiculous scene of the
    movie (I laughed my ass of at the first time seeing it) which may cause a little smile
    on your face or just a shaking head. ;)
    The voice sample after that scene is recorded by myself which means I've got the copy-right
    on it. :P

    The part I like most in my AMV is the end. In my opinion it's the best part.
    The song has its climax at that point so I had to create a visual climax too.
    I hope you like it. :)

    That is all I have to say about my AMV. I think only a few will read this text. But I'm
    very happy about every person who took the time to read this text and watches my AMV(s). *sniff*

    I wish you a FUNKY time.

    ++The direct link is sponsored by the 4Animes Network

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