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  • Member: EBwiz
  • Studio: Arcadia Studios
  • Title: Over a Distant Star
  • Premiered: 2003-12-22
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    • Dream Theater Endless Sacrifice
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  • Comments: Reedit: Ok, well. Apparently this runs just fine on some computers, best if you have the DivX player. Why it doesn't run on the computer which gave birth to it, and yet runs perfectly fine on his friend's less powerful PC, I may never known. anyway, the video does work sometimes, so maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones. Best results seem to be using the DivX player.

    First off, A very special thanks to TK DarkHaven for purchasing the anime used for this video, and Geno for letting me borrow his CD for the audio.


    This video took almost everything I had in me, including a ton of time I had to use despite never having time now because of college and work, but the fruit of my labor gained me an audience for the premiere of the final copy. There thoughts? They were literally blown away, much as I was to see the thing in Windows media player for the first time. This video is everything I've been wanting to make since I decided on this hobby. What's more so, and good for you, is that this version is a much higher quality version than the one I showed them, including a major error being fixed thanks to the help of the Anime Music Videos forum. I really hope you all enjoy this video. It's definetly a great preview for things to come, Especially once I get to working on the video I plan to enter for the Otakon 2004 Music Video competition.

    The big problem with this video was the song. For the uneducated, DT's Endless Sacrifice is an 11 Minute (!) song. Of course, I've cut it down signifigantly and now it's a little over 5 and a half minutes. I cut out a bunch of instrutmentals and a couple of repetitions on the lyrics. Still, 5 and a half minutes is impressive for Voices, which is a 30 minute movie. The video idea was partly inspired by another video,, or Call me by Galin. The video I commented was really impressive for being a 4 minute video to such a short anime, as well as a theme from another. hopefully I've captured a little of the essence of that video with my own little flair (Though I admit, alot of this is also inspiration/homage from my favorite AMV producer, VicBond007) torwards the concept, using my favorite band.

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