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  • Member: Scintilla
  • Studio: Aquiline Studios
  • Title: Dueling Videos: Under Ice
  • Premiered: 2003-12-23
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  • Songs:
    • Queen & David Bowie Under Pressure
    • Stark Effect Under Ice
    • Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby
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  • Comments: Update, 3/23/04: Stark Effect's website has moved; the old URL is no longer valid.
    His new page can be found here:

    Update, 1/14/04: 720x480 MPEG-1 version now available from my new webspace that I just signed up for today from 70.5 MB; 2-pass VBR, avg bitrate 2Mbps, max bitrate 4 Mbps. I was trying to be nice to people's hard drives, or I'd have upped the bitrate. The locally hosted 480x352 XviD version still looks fabulous, though, so it's your call.


    What They Say:

    "THAT is pure origniality in it's best form." - Voices_Of_Ryan
    "This is one of the most innovative vids I've seen in awhile.." - burntoast
    "This is like Frankenstein wearing Gucci: at once beautiful and terrifying." - franciszka
    "The Apex of AMV making" - vyper28
    "It's like watching guys in clown costumes drive motorcycles throuh burning buildings." - Lostboy


    What I Say:

    Word to your mother!

    I suppose a bit of explanation is in order.

    First there were Queen and David Bowie, who sang "Under Pressure". Then, 10 years later, Vanilla Ice came around and sampled "Under Pressure" to create "Ice Ice Baby". Then, 10 years (or so) after THAT, Stark Effect mixed the two together to make "Under Ice".

    My goal was to create a video to this mix that had one series for "Under Pressure" and a different one for "Ice Ice Baby", and have them keep switching back and forth, as if there were two different videos fighting for use of the screen. Being the GAiNAX fan that I am (and thinking of far too many scenes that fit certain lyrics very well), I chose Evangelion and FLCL.

    The odd part is that FLCL actually provides the serious half of the video. It also marks my first attempt at a serious video. Even if it is only half of one.

    The Evangelion half, on the other hand, is purely comedic, and at no time does it take itself seriously. Certain parts show my semi-twisted sense of humor (similar to "The NERV Evening News with Dan Rather"); when it comes to trying to get a laugh, I don't care what I do to the characters.

    This video also contains more digital effects than I've ever used before, including (gasp!) two lens flares. (Of course, GAiNAX also threw a good deal of their own lens flares into FLCL, especially where Canti was concerned.) I never count the hours I spend on these videos, but this one probably took me two months of on-and-off editing (which is basically the only kind of editing I do).

    Slight spoiler warning for Evangelion. I can't think of anything that's really a spoiler for FLCL, because while the video does contain a fair amount of footage from Episode 6, you won't know what's going on unless you've already seen the series anyway.

    Concerning the audio: I went straight to Stark Effect and asked him for his best-quality WAV of the mix, and he put it up on his webspace long enough for me to get it. Not my fault if he didn't use the best source.

    The credits contain an amusing little extra. :)

    If you don't like the subtitles, drop me a PM or an e-mail and tell me so. If enough people speak up in favor of a subtitle-less version, I'll make one (but at lower quality) and put it up on my TCNJ webspace as a direct link. However, I can't put two versions of the video on the Donut, so if you want a better-quality version without subtitles, you'll have to IM me.


    Geeky statistics for the XviD version on the Donut:

    Average Quantizer Used for Movie : 2.963

    Compressibility : 69.86%
    Relative Quality of XviD avi : 67.50%
    Absolute Quality of XviD avi : 97.11%


    If there's one thing I learned while making this video, it's that the Project Archive is your FRIEND, and periodically exporting HuffYUVs of what you've got so far is a GOOD THING.



    Thanks to 1knighthawk for letting me borrow his NGE DVDs.

    Thanks to Absolute Destiny for telling me where to get the speech bubbles (and the fonts that came with them).

    Thanks to Pie Row Maniac for explaining how to make good subtitles in Photoshop, even though it turns out that Premiere Pro's title maker is good enough that I never needed to use his advice. :)

    Thanks to BogoSort, Wuwu (a.k.a. You choose Sam, the rest), DoKool, MTWStudios, and Cyanna (as always) for beta viewing and offering advice.



    Judge's Award at Katsucon 10
    Best of Class - Journeyman at Anime Boston 2004
    Logrus Studios' "Unjustly Owned" VAT Staff award at Anime Weekend Atlanta 10

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