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  • Member: rubyeye
  • Studio: Rubyeye Pictures
  • Title: Digital 'D'
  • Premiered: 2001-04-05
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    • Queensryche Screaming In Digital
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    Broadcast Premiere: Anime Fun TV - April 28, 2005 __ Episode 10; Season 4


    Random Comment Award for
    "What the Hell Show Is This. . .
    Ohhhhhhh! "

    I first time I heard this song was at QUEENSRYCHE’s Promised Land Tour Concert. It was the one song I did not recognize but it is the most memorable because of the visual performance. The New World Order is dominated by techno-sapiens. The wall between man and machine has crumbled. The Father of Flesh has given birth to Sons of Metal and the human voice is silenced by the screams of digital waves.

    The story of KEY:The Metal Idol is disturbingly similar with characters just as dysfunctional. Ajo and his Sons (PPORs). Key believing she is a robot. The idol singer Miho, actually being a robot. And my all time favorite BADASS, Sergei (D), whom you don’t know if he is completely human or more like one of Ajo’s sons. The triumvirate of Ajo, D, and the PPORs is the focus of the video. I wanted to mimic the visual performance I saw at that concert so the visual F/X are the most intense I have ever done.

    ********************************************************************** One of the few videos in existence to incorporate a 3D Model **********************************************************************

    There are three things I absolutely love about this video.
    1) The opening sequence
    2) The visual association with the lyrics
    3) The 3D Mask
    Some people could not recognize the anime. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CALL YOURSELF AN OTAKU!!!

    But that was my intension. There are only 10 very brief scenes with Key and I wanted to focus on characters that are just as important in the story though not as recognizable. Stylistically, this video is definitely something you have never seen before.


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