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  • Member: Tookie46
  • Title: A Sugar Injected Video
  • Premiered: 2003-12-18
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    • Sugarcult Bouncing Off The Walls
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  • Comments: I present to you my newest video (tumbleweed rolls by).....anywho, this is one in two that I made. For all you happy go lucky people, stay and watch Sugar Injected Video. For all those with violent tendencies, go watch my other AMV, Dummies Guide to Defy You Video. AND all those who are happy go lucky with violent tendencies, watch them both (I think I just described the whole female population)(Don't yell at me, Im female and I admit it).

    Just a brief warning, this video contains episodes as new as 136, and there no too much spoiler, BUT there is some semi spoiling scenes (say that 5 time fast).

    If you want to be super generous, give me some feedback.

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