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  • Member: Otohiko
  • Title: RPBP: Slaughter of the Innocents
  • Premiered: 2003-12-14
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  • Songs:
    • King Crimson This Night Wounds Time
    • King Crimson THRAK Reprise
    • King Crimson THRaKaTTaK Part II
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is the un/official embodiment of the famed Recycled Penis Boobies ProjeKct, the ProjeKct which noone knew a s&!# about before its' release, because it was too artsy; AND you won't know a s&!# about it after the release, because it IS too artsy.

    A word to those who may be about to watch it:

    Don't take it too closely ;)
    It will not be what you expect. At all. Actually, don't expect anything.
    Don't be turned off by the length, as in true 'Project' spirit, this consists of about 3-5 distinct segments and parts of 3 different music tracks.

    It's a video made lightheartedly on a whim, partially for practice, partially because I was laughing while making it, to a good part because I showed the result to a couple of people IRL and they laughed, got freaked, lost their socks, had nightmares about the final image, etc.

    There are no spoilers, unless you're paranoid about possibly finding out that there's shit blowing up all over the place in various anime titles.

    The final image may be familiar and all-too-disturbing for some.


    I would like to thank cLess-R34 for a tiny but important bit of creative input, Kenchi, Shaun and Propyro for checking out early bits and first renders of the video (the brave tester pioneers/guinea pigs :D);
    I would also like to thank J-0080's 'project recycle' and Veldrin's mysterious 'Boobies' banner, the parts which merged with my ProjeKct Penis, a parody to Project Genius (which I give best regards to), and was never meant to be a vid. I'd also like to thank SQ, Willow, J-0080 and Tab (and sorry to others whom I may have forgotten) who took up various forms of the comedic banner in good spirit and touted them on the .org shamelessly.

    Also, big thanks to everyone at Demonseal, folk on the .org, and of course,
    whoever is brave/dumb/curious enough to watch this - you.


    Brief explainations/descriptions:

    Made using Premiere 6.5 and MSPaint (with one imported PSD file from cLess)
    Machine: Space Groove Mk. I
    Athlon XP 2400+
    512MB RAM
    GeForce 5200 128MB
    80GB HD

    The music is taken from King Crimson's love-it-or-hate-it (and, you know I'm on the Love side ;)) CD THRaKaTTaK, certainly their weirdest and one of the most musically interesting to date. Be thankful I didn't use the whole thing, as it's a whole hour of interconnected fun loosely divided into tracks by name, but should really be listened to as one piece. It's a mixing-together of short improvs the band did in the middle of the THRAK theme, which are mighty disturbing. There's hardly a sense of melody, harmony or rhythm in the whole thing ;) . The CD is hard-to-find; it's a goldmine of sounds though. I can safely say that a lot of sounds you hear there you'll hear nowhere else.

    The Bebop section of the video and the Gundam section until the fade are made to a 3-minute segment of THRaKaTTaK Part II which starts around 5:20 in the actual track. The fading soundscape that follows for just a few seconds after it, before the silent break, is taken from the opening section of This Night Wounds Time. The madness that follows is a cut-down version of THRAK Reprise, which I think I cross-faded rather badly, but it's the best I could do. You'll be thankful though; I don't think anyone would actually want to sit through another minute of that.

    The *ahem* 'post-God' clip is an idea suggested by cLess (my brother), featuring a sound from the 'Call of Duty' game. He apparently uses the sound as his IRC message notification ;)

    You may interpret this however you wish. You can think of it as a funny video, you may think of it as a video with a sexual commentary, or a political video, or something about the closing of the .org's OT forums, or a video about...
    or all of the above. In any case, the intentions behind it are to have fun, parts are random, parts are intentionally satirical, parts are intentionally scary, or, in the case of the conclusion, unintentionally scary ;).


    Should someone by some strange twist of fate OP it, I think it would be fair to state my goals before someone evaluates it in comparison to other videos:

    This vid was made as a bit of a joke. It didn't take itself very seriously. In fact, the reason I started it is to get a handle on Premiere before continuing a more normal video I started in September but was forced to stop due to lack of time.

    I'm releasing it because people found it amusing, and because every joke needs as much attention as it can get.

    This shouldn't stop you from saying it sucks, but mind the spirit that it was made in :)

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