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  • Member: ngsilver
  • Studio: N. G. Silver & Friends Productions
  • Title: Sex, Guns, & Rock-n-Roll Night Preview
  • Premiered: 2003-12-09
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    • Matrix Reloaded OST Chateau
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  • Comments: I made this video to get people in the mood to take time out from finals to watch some fun over the top anime. I wanted to keep the premise of the night in the video, but without using any actual sex scenes. I think I did a good job with it.

    This is yet another video within the preview series that I have made. I pop at least one of these out a week (I have to, since we show a diffrent anime each week). And spend anywhere from 2 to 6 hours of editing and encoding to make it. I like to call these my one nighters since I typicaly start and finish them in one night.

    Unfortunatly this video came after the X preview video "Apocalyptic Silence" so I was quite dissapointed with the turn out. However what can I expect to do in only 3 hours? Since this night is supose to be our going out like we came in night, I decided to use music from The Matrix Reloaded in order to give the video the same feel as the semester preview video did. I think I did a good job with it.

    The footage came from a set of VCDs we had in the library, so the quality after capture wasn't all that high. These came from fansubs so there are subtitles in this video. Check it out if you want to get a feel for what Kite & Mezzo Forte is about.

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