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  • Member: mckeed
  • Studio: Dark Side Productions
  • Title: Rock Lee: Mentos Spokesperson
  • Premiered: 2003-12-07
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    • Mentos The Freshmaker (Commercial)
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    This was an idea that Hakura and I came up with at AWA 2003. I haden't had time to work on this as a result of my classes this semester. I pounded this out reasonably quickly. I allways wanted to make a Naruto video as it is one of my favorite shows. This will probally be one of a few videos that I will be making to Naruto.

    I decided to focus on the Rock Lee Gara fight for this. After seeing Guy-Sensei's cheasy poses and expressions I needed him in the video. I tried to keep the feel of a mentos commercial. There is some action syncing with rock lee and lots of sped changes and splices to get things to time right. I had to zoom in on Rock Lee right before he drops the "mentos" to show that he was chewing something or else it wasn't making much sense. I photoshoped the weights to say mentos, that is the actual mentos font that I managed to find online. I was tempted to write in in Katakana but i think most people can't read katakana and wouldn't notice that it was changed at all. The expressions from Naruto and Sakura combined with guy sensei's thumbs up was just too funy not to include. I created the ending overlay from scratch from images that I found on the internet. Again Guy-Sensei is way too funy and when I saw that scene i knew i had found what I needed. I think it adds a bit of humor to the whole thing. Having watched Naruto makes this video a little more amusing that if you are just randomly watching it.


    Rock Lee:Mentos Spokerperson Won Best Comedy at Tekkoshocon 2004 and Best Parody at AWA 10.

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