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  • Member: KeitaroBaka
  • Title: NieA_7 Eyes
  • Premiered: 2003-12-03
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  • Song:
    • Carnes, Kim Betty Davis Eyes
  • Anime:
  • Comments: How this video came to be is a mystery. Particularly for myself.

    First, I decided I wanted to buy some anime DVD, and looking at what the local comic shop had to offer, settled for NieA_7. I watched the 5 episodes, and then decided (out of my typical mood) to make an AMV with it. I looked through my newest MP3s, and after several ideas, I decided that Bette Davis Eyes was the best.

    I did not take it absolutely seriously, but this ended up to be almost, but not quite, entirely unlike a tribute to NieA.

    You will see that some scenes are on for quite a long time - mostly at the beginning, and I have come to the conclusion I like it and hereby declare it to be intentional. The problem is that I only had the first 5 episodes, which limited what I could do. I actually cheated and shortened the song by fading out about a minute earlier than the original.

    I am already thinking about a version 2 of the video, at full length, as soon as I get the other DVDs...

    (This is currently only available as a "Direct" download here - I will soon put it up on my own site so non-members can download it...)

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