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  • Member: AidoruStudio
  • Studio: Aidoru Studio
  • Title: The One I Gave My Heart To
  • Premiered: 2003-09-07
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    • Aaliyah The One I Gave My Heart To
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    This is my first music video. I think its pretty good for my first shot at it. I originally planned to make it a tribute to the women of the Black Moon since they have such horrible guy problems, but I couldn't find enough footage, so I made it a complete Usagi video. That's why it seems kind of wierd to have Cooan in there. I really loved the footage of her, but it doesn't fit with the rest of the theme. Oh well. Special thanks to Christina for telling me about this song!

    Detailed Summary
    I open the video with a scene of Usagi and Mamoru getting married. Its the scene from Sailor Moon R where Mamoru has dreams that Usagi will be harmed if he breaks up with her. She seems happy in the opening scenes, but that changes by 00:15 when we see her still in her wedding gown but very sad.

    00:19 How could the one I gave my Heart too.. Here I used a really precious picture of Usagi with hearts in her eyes. One of the things I love about Japanese anime is the emotion that the characters carry on their faces. I just thought this scene was too cute..

    00:20 Break my heart this bad Another favorite scene of mine. Its a picture of Mamoru and Usagi, but as the picture breaks, it looks like Usagi is falling or dying. I just thought this represented her feelings so well. Her perfect relationship (or picture) breaks, and she breaks along with it.

    00:45 How could you hurt me like that This scene of Usagi crying in the phone booth came from Sailor Moon R. Its one of the scenes that broke my heart when I watched it, and I knew I had to include it in this video. I think it worked well here. It really shows the pain she was going through

    00:49 How could the one I gave my World too.... I really loved the Cooan scenes. Like I stated earlier, I originally planned to make this a total Black Moon sisters tribute, but I couldn't get enough good footage. The whole Cooan phase turned out wonderfully. But the first part shows Cooan giving Rubeus perfume, which is representing her love. And this it shows Cooan how happy she is to have professed to Rubeus her love. But by measure 00:53, Rubeus breaks her love as he smashes the perfume bottle in his hand.

    01:08 Just tell me lies I Like this part because it looks like Cooan is really shocked by the lies Rubeus tells her

    More to come..

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