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  • Member: The Icey One
  • Title: Knives' Transition
  • Premiered: 2003-12-02
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    • Korn Am I Going Crazy
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  • Comments: General Things I'd Like To Say:
    Well, it took.. a really long time to get a new video done. I'm not exactly sure I'm to happy with myself and this video, I mean.. I basicly got the point through that I was trying for and it looks good quality wise, but it's just not.. great, or even very good IMO. I'm uploading it because there are a few people who viewed it in it's unfinished stage that thought it was fine, so they can see the finished product and so can others who might like it. I thank SSJVegita0609, Pwolf, and Tash on helping me with various things video wise.. and I thank Eladar of DBZWarriors and also the previous stated also on encouragement. Thanks alot guys.. sorry it couldn't be better.

    Video Comments:
    This video is basicly suppose to focus on young Knives becoming who he is when he grows up.. and in my view he becomes one crazy screwed up bastard, yea.. so thats my focus, Knives becoming crazy and screwed up. I think I did that pretty well, it just doesn't turn out to good like I said.. IMO. It's not completly bad though.. watch and judge for youself is really all I can say.

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