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  • Member: SephirothX
  • Studio: DZX Productions
  • Title: The Matrix - The One
  • Premiered: 2003-11-29
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    • Rob Zombie Dragula (Techno Remix)
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  • Comments: The title of this video summarizes what Sephiroth X wanted this video to be... The One. As in the one DZX video that everybody would turn towards and say "whoa". Well, mission accomplished. Archangel Zero described this video as "dark and gritty" while others said it captured the true action of The Matrix. The video itself is argueably the most technical video DZX has every released, the video's intro and finale are perfect examples utilizing overlays, slowdowns, effects, and others to capture the viewer into The Matrix itself. The One tells the story of the movie, in a very fitting matter while keeping one thing present that serves as the never changing constant... The Matrix itself, hence the useage of the encoding multiple times in the video. Although being Sephiroth X's second Matrix video, its overall beauty and perfection make it stand above all. This video became my overall summer project along with the first two months of the schoolyear. Its just simply ironic that I released it to DZX the day of Matrix: Revolutions. But, this video almost never came to be. About 2 weeks before I finished the video, I was 7 seconds away from finishing the video and something glitched with my computer and all but the first minute of my video were lost and I had to start over. It was the will of myself and my fellow DZX members who gave me the will to face what I had lost and move on, the overall ending product turned out better then what I had before. That is why this video is my best in my opinion, it holds a little bit of every DZX member within it somehow.

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