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  • Member: Atvaark
  • Studio: Atvaark
  • Title: Anthem
  • Premiered: 2003-11-23
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  • Song:
    • Gus Gus Anthem
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  • Comments: (If you don't read the following, at least read this: please, don't watch this AMV if you don't have a decent sound system. Decent just means external speakers with reasonable bass rendering, or headphones. Many visual elements are synchronized on low frequencies, and the music itself cannot be appreciated on laptop speakers or anything like that anyway. Don't waste your bandwidth downloading an AMV which you couldn't appreciate...)

    "Your AMV is to those usually encountered on the net what Cesar's compressions are to the Joconde." -- Inoceram

    Anthem is an experimental and conceptual AMV. It is also, IMHO, my best to date. You probably know electronic music. Anthem is what one may call an electronic video. I wanted to use in an AMV some concepts of electronic music:
    - loops,
    - tracks,
    - variations,
    - strong experimentation.

    - Loops: take short segments of footage and make them loop. Usually, reusing footage is something that is being avoided by AMV creators.

    - Tracks: follow the tracks of the music by making each or most of them intervene on an aspect of the video. This is not new to AMVs, however AMV creators usually choose to follow only one instrument at a time, most often the voice, the most audible instrument, or the beat. And the effect is most of the time limited to deciding when transitions should occur. I tried to create a deeper link between music and video.

    - Variations: don't set up loops, let them run, and declare your 4:30 AMV done after 10 minutes of work. You have to keep aware of each small variation in the music or in the feelings the music avails in you.

    - Experimentation: well... you'll see! ^_^

    The soundtrack is a beautiful music from Gus Gus taken out from the original soundtrack of Pi, an astonishing movie directed by Darren Aronofsky.

    The video footage is Akira (DVD rip). Akira is both very technological and deeply human. I didn't want my AMV to look mechanical and without feelings. Beneath aesthetics, experimentation and invention, conveying feelings remains IMHO the most important thing in any AMV. Therefore, Akira was well suited.

    I know many viewers will dislike this AMV. I don't care. I did what I thought was right, and I am quite proud of the result. What happens from now on is only bonus.
    However, if I had to write a user manual for Anthem, it would say something like that:
    "Just sit down, listen to the music and be curious about what you see. Most importantly: relax, take your time."

    Thanks for reading, thanks for viewing, thanks in advance for reviewing!


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