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  • Member: Chaos Angel
  • Studio: Eclipsing Saturn Studios
  • Title: Perfectly Tame
  • Premiered: 2003-11-20
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  • Songs:
    • Pixies Tame
    • The Pixies Tame
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  • Comments: Roughly 2 weeks of on-again-off-again work. It would have been done faster, but at the time of this entry, my computer is haveing troubles. -_-

    I've been wanting to make a video to Tame ever since I first heard it. I had originally been thinking of doing it to Eva and making a wierd video about how Shinji is so "tame". However, while making a different video I was searching through Perfect Blue for clips, and after doing that and listening to the song, the idea hit me.

    I had originally intended to do the entire video in a 24 hour period as a challenge I have been wanting to do for awhile. That... failed. Miserably. This was on a Monday, and I had to serve coffee for 4 hours that night. I began the challenge rather impulsively and as a result was unable to finish it. At one point I want to try it again after setting aside a specific time for it, but I am digressing. Anyway, I failed to meet my challenge, but I still loved the idea for the video, so I decided to finish it, and not being restricted in time, I could make sure it turned out the way I wanted it.

    Stop now if you want to figure out the video for yourself.


    The concept behind the video is objetification and desire, how various people make Mima the object of their fantasies and lust after her. Once again I use Black and White to signify changes in perception/reality. The black and white scenes represent people's desires, their thoughts (re: what they want to do to Mima), not memories like in Graveside Reverie. I suggest this by including in the black and white segments the people thinking the thoughts. and the overlay of Mima crying at the end of the second chorus is more than just a transition to her emotional break down: it shows how these people's thoughts are affecting her, how being so obsessively and dementedly objectified is wearing down her stability.

    After having to deal with people forcing their perceptions of her upon them and having to hear what people want to do to her (the e-mail screen is not supposed to be just Me-Mania, even though it occurs in his segment, but everyone who desires her communicating their depraved desires to her directly), Mima's mental stability breaks down. I suggest this by a fade transition from Mima crying to her slaughter of the photographer (I don't remember his name and am too lazy to look it up. There, I said it.). After her stability breaks down, Mima begins to kill those who have driven her mad.

    Happy, ne? ^^

    In a few points, I use Mima in her bubblegum-princess pop-idol outfit (which, in the movie, is Ghost-Mima) to act as a symbol of the random people's ideal image of Mima, which she can never stand up too, and the pressure to be that image is part of what drives her mad. In the strobing section of random people's lust, which helps show the disorientation and the mental break down, she is dressed in a similar outfit, that of a maid. And in the end, in the final curtain call of the video, that image, that ideal self everyone tells her that they want her to be, that she must be, flashes on the screen. But it is not in black and white. Thus, it is not thoughts in the context of the video. So, what is it? Does she delve into a delusion that the image is who she is? Is it a psychological defense against the actions she has been driven to? A means of coping with the murder she is commiting? Or is that who she really is, and the "normal" person the delusion, a means of acting out repressed aggression? I think it can be taken either way, so I choose to refrain from commenting on my intention in including that piece, and you can make your own decision.

    Madness, lust, and vehment murder. Oh, yes children, this is a happy video. ^^

    Oh, and one other point. I am aware that the flashes of Me-Mania's face in the first chorus are out of synch with the black and white footage beneath it by one frame. That is not a mistake that I left in out of laziness. I did that because I feel it adds to the disorientation effect.

    Thanks to everyone who beta'd the video: LadyDX, Rozard, AtomX, and... I know I am forgetting someone, sorry. Let me know and I'll add you. Apologies, my memory is shit.


    No longer on Angelfire. Fun fun funtasticness.

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