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  • Member: -Tau-
  • Title: From the Shadows
  • Premiered: 2003-11-03
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    • Rasmus in the shadows
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  • Comments: This was my first and currently my only AMV.

    I made this video for 3 reasons:

    1) I really like AMVs and wanted to give it a try.

    2) When I heard this song I instantly thought of Noir and knew the two would match greatly.

    3) I feel one of the great things about AMVs is that it spreads the word of good music, The Rasmus until recently has been pretty much a Scandinavia only band, they've just recently broke in the UK, anyway, I wanted to spread the word of this great band!

    The capture quality is greatly lacking as this vid was made with bootleged video, windows movie maker, and a sub-par computer. However, even considering that it's gotten some really enthusiastic opinions, and my friends (who are often brutally opinionated) really like it too.

    Check it out

    "I Hope you enjoy this video..." more than "...I did making it." because it was a pain in the ass to make. [/cliche massacre]

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