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  • Member: VegettoEX
  • Title: Pretentious DBZ Action Video
  • Premiered: 2003-11-18
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    • E.S. Posthumus Tikal
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  • Comments: This video is somewhat of a joke, and somewhat of a personal challenge. It was done in one day, over a single 24 hour period. This is the entire process of ripping, converting, editing, and final encoding... all of it in one 24 hour period. I had been seeing a short trend of "action" DBZ videos set to E.S. Posthumus songs (as well as lots of other random anime videos with the same kind of music), so I both wanted to parody what was going on with all those videos, and jump on the bandwagon at the same time.

    Meri was working on her "Slugfest Can Can" remake back in August, and I was having too much fun helping to do some editing on it and working with DBZ footage, that I had to do some little project, myself. I just love DBZ footage and working with that footage so much, I couldn't help myself.

    What's better is that I didn't tell Meri I was doing it.

    I talked back and forth with Andrew (whom you might recognize from the "All-Purpose" video) about what music to use. I really wanted to use some pretentious (see: title), over-the-top music. He recommended some songs, but I ended up checking out the E.S. Posthumus CD, because it really seemed like the most obvious choice. Everyone's using them, these days, and it just fit so well (as mentioned above).

    I decided to use DBZ movie 5 ("Tobikkiri no Saikyō tai Saikyō") because it was only one disc (little hard drive space to spare at the time), and it looked pretty.

    Yes. This is one day's worth of editing. Nothing more. OK, technically I did the first 10 seconds or so (Coola in his ship) the night I ripped it, but I did the rest (in its entirety) the next day. And yeah, fine... I edited the song way down. Regardless, it was all the same 24 hour period.

    So Meri came over and I went, "Hey, check out this video." HAH. Done.

    As I said, it was really just an excuse for me to work with DBZ footage, again, which I truly do enjoy. It has no real plot or any kind of flow to it (other than, more or less, the plot of the movie). I just wanted to have fun timing up actions with DBZ, again, after all these years.

    It's still kinda fun to watch, though. Maybe someone out there will like it... Just don't expect this to be some 00ber-serious video. It's not. Straight cuts, some cross dissolves, lots of timing, and a motion setting here and there... that's it.

    NOTE: Yes, this video was completed back in August 2003 (releasing it in mid-November). Haven't really felt like releasing it until now. If you got our AWA CD, then yeah, it's the exact same video that's on the CD... you don't need to download it.

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