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  • Member: Lazy_H
  • Title: Golden Boy Race
  • Premiered: 1998-07-05
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    • Blümchen Bicycle Race
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  • Comments: Ok, ok. Before you start flaming me (again) for creating this let me explain myself. The video was created with the intent of getting people who have never seen anime before interested. I decided to keep the concept simple and to have an amusing storyline that anyone could follow. It was also an early experiment for me in event/music timing. I really wanted to use bicycle footage from other series such as Akira, Ranma 1/2, Catgirl Nuku Nuku, ect., but it just wasn't working with the song.

    As soon as I first heard the cover of Queen's "Bicycle Race" by the German pop idol Blümchen I knew that I wanted to do something to it because the song is very upbeat, energizing, and recognizable. Honestly, I still believe that it fits the race scene in episode 5 of Golden Boy too well.

    What I did first was capture the scene to my computer from a second generation dubbed VHS tape (oh I'm so ashamed about the video quality) and see where I wanted to start and end. From there I DID MAKE EDITS in the form of cutting footage and changing the speed of certain scenes to better fit the mood and timing of the song. If you don't believe me find the song and video and try to match them up. More than likely it won't take you too long and you could probably retime it better than I did, but it was my first project working with video.

    Love or hate it, I haven't met a non-anime fan who didn't like the video.

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