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  • Member: Alternababe
  • Studio: Mad Laffter
  • Title: Tsukasa's Choice
  • Premiered: 2003-11-15
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  • Song:
    • DJ Shadow Midnight in a Perfect World (Portishead remix)
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  • Comments: This is my 1st amv ever. PLEASE COMMENT! I desire knowledge of who sees my creation, and what they think. Otherwise, I feel youre just enjoying the fruit of my imagination without telling me.

    That said, I hope you enjoy! As to the plot of this video, it's very simple. *possible amv Spoiler alert for the next sentence* Mimiru meets tsukasa, he hates her, she chases him, he meets Subaru & falls in love, Mimiru kidnaps him. Basically, Tsukasa chooses Subaru.

    technical & artistic
    I took footage from hack sign and edited it to do what I wanted. Basically, I took the existing plot and sped it up. I enhanced interactions between Tsukasa & Mimiru, esp. Also, when Subaru appears, Tsukasa is surprised and then curious. I made one of the still photos at the end. I would be flattered if people would pause the movie after watching it the first time and study the drawing of Tsukasa and Subaru hugging, with Mimiru looking shocked in the upper right corner.

    since I only used windows movie maker, I had a hard time getting the time to sync up. I don't see a zoom button for the timeline, so I did the best I could. I manually moved the song back and forth to have it start when the footage does. It's a bit off at the start. By off, I mean 2 seconds of the song's intro were cut off. But that's ok. Also, it took much importing to get sound from ONLY the song, not the footage. It took another import to get sound from my logo. Many, many versions later, I hope this will be the last one. There is a small silent part at the end where Tsukasa and Subaru are looking at each other, which is kinda nice in it's way. Not much lip sync, mostly use your imagination. Other than those, I'm very pleased with it.

    Total time: 9 hours, maybe.
    -3 hours to get the concept. software froze up, couldn't save. that's ok, since I got an outline.
    -3 hours to make the new version. I couldn't find/remember all the cool clips I found the first time, but I think it still looks ok.
    -1 hour to make my logo
    -1 hour to to the footage of Subaru and beyond
    -a few minutes to decide on still photos and edit them to my liking
    -god only knows to import, save movie, import, save again to make final copy that you see before u

    BTW, I used Ifranview to edit the pics. I enhanced the color for the 'floating Tsukasa' and paint to cut-n-paste 2 wallpapers to make the hugging scene.

    That's all for now. Dedicated to my aunt on her birthday.

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