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  • Member: temaranight
  • Studio: Existentialism
  • Title: Returning
  • Premiered: 2003-11-14
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    • George Winston Returning
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  • Comments: When I heard this particular piano piece by George Winston....I immeditally thought of Jet Black. This video is one that while not very long..( a little less than a minute including introduction) captures the mood of this particular moment of Jet's life well. Its also inspired me to do a montage of char profiles using snippets of some of George Winstons other selections, which may or may not ever get completed. One reason why I am releasing this video now, since it wouldn't have been in that montage (so this is not a beta) and because I feel that this piece stands on it's own quite well.
    There are no effects used in this other than some simple cuts and fades..ones that I hope convey the overall mood to the veiwer. This small snippet does have if you've not seen all of Cowboy Bebop've been warned.

    Many thanks to Rozard for his input and help on this..^^

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