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  • Member: Chaos Angel
  • Studio: Eclipsing Saturn Studios
  • Title: Snowflake
  • Premiered: 2003-11-10
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  • Song:
    • Radiohead Packd Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
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  • Comments: I deliberately did not put these comments up (aside from my Livejournal ;P ) for the first few days of the video being announced and made available. I wanted to see what people's reactions to the video would be, without my personal thoughts and feelings giving them fuel. I wanted to see what people thought of the video without any explanation to work from. What follows below the line is the content I originally typed up for the video, before I decided to wait on posting it.

    Brief synopsis: to those of you who thought the video had some deep message or meaning to it: Surprise! It was just me screwing around and being random. I didn't do this to be an ass, this is an honest video idea I had, but it is completely stupid and looks more meaningful than it really is, so I figured I'd see if people thought it was supposed to be "deep".

    Ok, maybe I was being a little bit of an ass. ;P


    Radioheads fans may notice that I inadvertantly mispelled a word in the song title when I entered the song into the database. It should be Packt, not Packd. I don't consider it a big enough typo to warrant a double entry in the catalog, though, so... cry me a river.

    Basically, after watching AbsoluteDestiny's Storytelling, I had the urge to try harder, to push myself to come up with better, more interesting ideas.

    I decided to use a song I wanted to use in an AMV ever since I first heard it, Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box by Radiohead. I wrote up a kind of sad haiku about a snowflake (for no reason whatsoever) and decided to make a "mood video" by having the haiku slowly zoom in over the course of the entire video. The scene selection was supposed to be utterly random (Akira was chosen because it was on top of my DVD stack when I happened to look at the box-o-crap), with the idea being that you focus on the words and not the scenes visible through them. I was able to finish it all up in one night because, basically, I said, "if the scenes themselves don't matter, why not just take a big long stretch of the movie and use that?".

    Yeah. I started with, "I want to try harder", and ended up on, "Fuck it". Oh, my brain, how I want to stab thee with an ice cream scoop and serve thou for a treat to passing tourists,
    who will rue the day they shelled out $50 (American) for "Happy Fun-Fun-Tastic Energy Yogurt of Ultimate Sensual Pleasure".

    Of course, I suppose one could argue that since I wanted to push myself to come up with more creative ideas I succeeded even if the video itself is horrible, but meh.I decided to keep a loose focus on Tetsuo, because there aren't enough Tetsuo AMVs (::rolls eyes::), and to have some sense of cohesion in the scene selections, but really it doesn't matter what the scenes are. Tetsuo was inspired by the chorus, but it plays no real importance to anything. The scenes chosen do not matter, there is no beat or clip or lyric synch at all, just words slowly coming into focus, and my hope was that people would tune out the footage entirely. The poem doesn't even have anything to do with Akira. At all. It's just a poem about a snowflake. Oh, and I tinted the entire thing teal. I wanted to do blue originally, because I wanted the whole thing to have a "blue" mood to it, but I felt a brighter color would be easier for people to see. So I chose teal, because it is brighter and it looks more snowflake-y anyway. Considered white, but white hurts my eyes when I look at it on a monitor for too long. Yellow was right out.

    It's more about a mood than anything else. No message, no meaning, just a random poem overlayed on top of random footage with a random song. I had an interesting albiet pointless idea and went with it, nothing more. I hereby deem this video "Suck-tastic".

    I suppose that doesn't exactly encourage you to download the video, does it? Oh, god-damn my self-defeating inferiority complex. >_<

    Really, the best reason I could give you, as a person presumably not wanting to waste their bandwidth on crap, to download this video is to see an intriguing, if not at all interesting, idea. If nothing else, you can leave me an opinion screaming about how I wasted your time to make the 3 minutes and 57 seconds seem like less of a waste.

    Enjoy Please don't have me killed.

    Oh, and in case you think I am being self-deprecating, here is proof of how much "work" went into the video.

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