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  • Member: Jashiwi
  • Studio: Glass Candy Productions
  • Title: Slayer Clip 1 (Splash Intro)
  • Premiered: 2003-11-08
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    • Nazca (Opening Cut) My own Cut. + Fade. ^_^
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  • Comments: This AVI is just for people, who want a Music Version Splash Introduction.

    It is only ment for that. ^__^

    If you want to send an opinion- I probably won't read it. (Its the Truth about this ONE) ^_^;
    -Since I did not intend to make it a Serious AMV- And it Isn't an AMV (But when you look at it...)

    - Kidding , Kidding. ^_- LOLOL

    BUT of course you can give opinions to my past ones. Even though, I have drastically Changed my way of editing, and AMV Progress.

    -BUT SURE! ^___^

    You can send one anyway! (I LOVE to talk back with feedback!)

    -Yamna Starlight Marmeia-

    -Glass Candy Productions-

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